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Can robots sustain America's industrial roots

last year, a documentary film "america:manufacturing hope" by CBS television station of the United States conducted a field interview with Erie County, Pennsylvania, and learned from the experience that the five Great Lakes region, once the old industrial base of the United States, also formed a "rust belt" due to the decline of manufacturing industry

economic changes have affected the political trend. In 2016, Trump's campaign slogan "make America great again" seemed to speak out the aspirations of many people in this country. Erie, once the Democratic Party's vote box, has changed. Most people voted for trump, hoping to reverse the decline of the region

in Toledo, the third largest city in Ohio and the core of the famous "American manufacturing belt", the situation is not much better. Although more people in Lucas County, where TOLEDO is located, chose Hillary Clinton, the support ratio is still far lower than that of Obama

this is mainly attributed to the fact that many people's uncertainty about the future has exacerbated their anxiety, which has been directly reflected on the ballot

in fact, according to the analysis, if the robot adoption rate in local industrial production is reduced by 2%, Hillary Clinton is likely to win the election in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In a recent paper, researchers at Oxford University concluded that "if the adoption rate of robots drops by only 2% during the period of their research, then those in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will turn to support Hillary Clinton, which means that the Democratic Party will dominate the election."

according to a 2017 study by the Brookings Institution, the metropolitan area of Toledo has the highest robot utilization rate in the United States, with an average of 9 robots per 1000 people. In 2010, there were 702 robots here. By 2015, the number of robots here had risen to 2374. There must be more robots now than that

another study in March this year estimated that 671000 jobs in the United States were replaced by automation between 1967 and 2014, which exceeded the total number of unemployment caused by domestic competition (such as the "Labor Rights Act" restricting trade union rights) and foreign trade

however, for many politicians and even economists, what makes Toledo and its surrounding areas more difficult for them to understand is that the causes of anxiety for these citizens are far more than the improvement of automation and the decline of employment opportunities

for many people, work defines life. The unemployment caused by the advancement of robotics and other technologies has had a profound impact on the communities concerned. These technological changes, together with cultural and political coercion, have created an image that the upward trend of social prosperity is over. More importantly, more and more people are beginning to believe this "fact" that the social contract and public order and good customs that they rely on for survival are disintegrating

for example, in Toledo, most Jeep factories were closed and hundreds of people were laid off. The layoffs may be temporary because the company is redeveloping a new jeep. However, if the sales volume of new models drops and the comprehensive production will also drop, the good time will end. In that case, more people will lose their jobs, and their replacement will lead to more efficient robots

a short good time

the local business incubator believes that Toledo will soon return to the right track after about 30 years of such a painful phase of transformation. The fact seems to be the same. Jeep's assembly plant is producing at full speed, and whirlpool is now manufacturing thousands of washing machines every day. The whole downtown TOLEDO is showing signs of revival

however, this did not bring any comfort to the people here, and there was no atmosphere of "happy days coming again" in the city. "The current situation is only a brief reflection," said Doris herringshaw, a local committee member. She and her colleagues maintain a "cautious" attitude towards the future. "Our feeling now is that it has been better for a while, but we hope this situation can be maintained for a little longer."

Toledo has been taught a lesson by his past experience. The former luxury houses have now closed their windows, and the gates of many luxury houses are years of uncropped lawns and unmanaged sidewalks. The streets of the once elite community were so dilapidated that residents said that the new mayor won the election because she promised to repair these luxury houses

despite the recent good economic news here, the downtown buildings that used to be offices or warehouses are still empty and abandoned for many years

during the last financial crisis, Chrysler and General Motors (whose transmissions are produced in the region) declared bankruptcy. In 2010, the unemployment rate here reached nearly 14%. For many years, the population of Toledo metropolitan area (including surrounding counties) has been declining in recent years

the leaders of the region believe that one of the main reasons why the region's economy suffered such a severe recession is that they failed to adapt to the tide of rapid changes in new technologies. Therefore, after the economic recession, they focused on narrowing their "skills gap" to revive the economy. They want to create a new "human resource pool", herringshaw said. "Now people need to be able to maintain robots, work with robots, and write computer programs. But the basic high school diploma can't meet these."

the children who participated in the Robert golden advanced manufacturing technology project of the penta career center in pelisburg are the first beneficiaries of this program. They work in the spacious workshop and operate the short row drill press and lathe by hand. Even as a result, the shelf life of photosensitive dairy products such as ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk and protein enhanced yogurt has been extended. A FANUC LR mate 200iD robot is located in it, waiting for student programmers and operators to learn

after more professional and systematic training, the working skills of these people have been greatly improved. Some of them have found jobs before graduation

however, while students are being trained by these technologies, they may not realize that other changes are taking place in the land under their feet

few leaders here talk about artificial intelligence or intelligent robots. Gary ompson, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the northwest Ohio Regional Growth Partnership, is different from others. Of course, he has heard about these new technologies and has read about them, especially when the experimental load is large

however, when he met with the mayor and other local leaders, he thought that the next wave of automation brought by these technologies would make the current worrying employment situation worse, so no one mentioned this topic in the meeting

not only government officials, but also business owners who are at the forefront of the market know little about such relatively new concepts. Kevin Kahle, general manager of B-K tool and design, said that their customers would not talk about AI. Therefore, in his business plan, it did not pay special attention to AI

you know, B-K is one of the largest enterprises in the region that design and install robot systems. Their service objects include Honda automobile manufacturers and small independent manufacturers. However, recently, he is still busy recruiting new employees and trying to keep his output up with the needs of customers. He has no time to face such vague concepts as AI

indeed, these technologies still seem too abstruse and vague to have a great impact on the political or social structure of the community, especially now no one can predict whether the labor market will change significantly with the new technology. At the same time, there are various other things in the area that need to be focused on. Roads need to be renovated, buildings need to be renovated, and students need to receive training in lathe operation before they can get the job opportunities they are now offering

some leaders in Toledo may have realized that a new technological "Star" is flying towards them. But how on earth should they deal with such unpredictable things? To this end, they emphasized "lifelong learning". From junior high school students in the robot training camp to employees in the factory, everyone must treat their life as a long battle and keep a clear head at any time to face the coming new technology trend

conflict of values

but perhaps ordinary Americans do not think so far. They still choose to complain about the current situation. Rickey, who once worked in an auto parts factory, said, "I can't believe it!". There are only about 600 of the 1600 colleagues who worked with him in the factory

however, this is not the whole reason why Rickey is so excited. It was Trump's campaign slogan that really made him brood. The "make America great again" campaign manifesto did not bring any actual benefits. "I still can't believe why so many people voted for trump."

Rickey's ideas are limited to individuals. He pointed out that almost a decade ago, President Obama and congressional Democrats agreed to use national power to save Chrysler and general motors, which also had a great impact on his life. However, after that, the workers in the factory still lacked a sense of security in terms of salary, retirement and work

"we used to laugh at robots," said Rickey's partner. "When they were moved into the factory for the first time, they moved very slowly. Sometimes we can compete with them. But it is also because of the emergence of robots that a production line that used to require 18 people to work has become a smooth operation with only 5 people."

"as long as they can replace us with robots, they will do so. Robot people are becoming faster and faster, and they will replace us faster and faster." He said

many people in Toledo say that new technologies are as unstoppable as the sunrise. And its inevitability and the uncertainty of its meaning, like a thick quilt, have brought them great pressure

indeed, people are feeling lonely and vulnerable. They have experienced the impact of Global trade, outsourcing, recession, robots and other spring tides, and will soon usher in the AI spring tide. At the same time, more companies, such as Fiat Chrysler, will increasingly use temporary workers. New workers have to accept lower wages. The working draft of the world bank's "World Development Report" suggests that governments "the rapid change in the nature of work has greatly improved the flexibility of enterprises to adjust their labor force, and at the same time

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