The number of decoration asthma patients increased

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Autumn was originally the best season for decoration, and it was also the traditional peak season for decoration. However, since October this year, relevant statistics show that the number of asthma patients in the respiratory department of the city has increased by nearly 30%, of which the number of patients with "decoration asthma" has increased by nearly 20%. Some respiratory doctors said that the decoration materials release formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants, which are more likely to spread in dry autumn. After inhalation, people with mild symptoms such as dry throat and sore throat will cause cough, chest tightness, dyspnea and induce acute attack of bronchial asthma

when visiting the market, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network found that the problem of harmful gas pollution caused by indoor decoration has always been of great concern. At present, the introduction of the new decoration contract in Wuhan also puts forward requirements for the indoor environment detection after decoration, which stipulates that Wuhan decoration company must cooperate with customers to detect the indoor environment including formaldehyde, benzene and so on when customers need it. This regulation puts forward requirements for indoor environmental safety after decoration

Xiaobian also learned from several decoration companies that it is very easy to produce dust and other pollution in the decoration process, and the use of building materials products is easy to produce formaldehyde and other pollution. "When doing carpentry, workers are required to sprinkle water on tools while sawing wood. This is also required when cutting a large number of ceramic tiles, and windows should be opened for ventilation." The person in charge of Wuhan Aohua decoration company said that in order to ensure the environmental safety of the construction site, try to avoid making a large number of cabinets in a limited area

"although the single room materials are environmentally friendly, if wood products are made and paint construction is carried out in the limited space on site, it is easy to cause toxic substances to exceed the standard after superposition." According to the person in charge of Wuhan Longfa decoration, they require that cabinets and paint categories not be constructed on site, but are finished products entering the site to ensure the safety of the indoor environment. "In addition, ceiling, wall base, soft bags, etc. generally use wood panels, and low-cost low-quality wood panels are easy to cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard."

the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with allergies and some patients with chronic diseases are most vulnerable to indoor air pollution because of their poor resistance. "Opening windows for ventilation" is a suggestion given by many insiders, and attention should also be paid to the details of ventilation. For example, in autumn, when the outdoor temperature is low, the ventilation and detoxification of new houses are not suitable for opening windows in the morning and evening, and they should be opened in the day and closed at night. Because the temperature is low at night, which is not conducive to the release of pollutants, the effect will be better if the windows are closed at night to ensure the indoor temperature and the harmful substances are completely released, and then the windows are opened for ventilation during the day





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