Indoor ceiling decoration Feng Shui Guide

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Home decoration ceiling is a common link in home decoration. The ceiling is classified differently according to the materials of decorative panels. When choosing ceiling decoration materials and design schemes, we should follow the principles of saving materials, firmness, safety, beauty and practicality. Similarly, Feng Shui must be considered. Feng Shui of ceiling decoration is exquisite. Let's talk about feng shui knowledge of ceiling decoration in detail

first, the ceiling should not be uneven or have sharp corners

a little house is incomplete after completion, it looks inclined, and it will use the ceiling to balance. In addition, the surface of the house is uneven, and it will also use the living room ceiling to fill, which will also make people look depressed. When designing the ceiling, we should try our best to avoid this situation. Traditional culture believes that facing this kind of ceiling for a long time will make people feel irritable, and families are prone to conflict and differences of opinion

second, the ceiling should not be designed with a mirror

some people think that if the ceiling design of the living room is poor, it should be balanced with glass. The use of glass in the ceiling of the living room is bright, but it is very detrimental to Feng Shui and people's psychology, because the scenery reflected in the mirror will be consistent with the floor, symbolizing the situation of "heaven and earth are not open", contrary to the laws of nature, and will make the family stagnate. And long-term exposure to the mirror, people see their own inverted shadow, the mental health of the elderly and children may also be affected

III. the ceiling color should be light rather than heavy

the principle of regulating qi in traditional culture has the saying that clear Qi is light and rises, and turbid Qi is heavy and falls, that is, "the sky is clear and the earth is turbid". When decorating the ceiling of the living room, we can consider it according to the principle of "clear sky and muddy earth"

IV. hidden light belts make up for the lack of daylighting

whether the ventilation and daylighting of the house are good is one of the elements to judge the orientation and house type of the house. The room should give people a bright feeling. If the lighting of the original house type is insufficient, then the lighting must be used to make up for the decoration. The long dimly lit home space is easy to make people depressed, and even have adverse psychological effects. If there is such a situation, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to make up for it. Light is refracted from the ceiling, which is closest to sunlight, and is most suitable for the living room with insufficient lighting. The use of recessed ceiling in the living room can alleviate the depression formed by the sky

v. the ceiling shape should not be a square shape

a square is a mouth, and if there is someone in the mouth, it is a prisoner, which means that someone in the family will be imprisoned, so the ceiling must not be a square shape. The principle of ceiling Feng Shui taboo the use of mouth shaped ceiling. Mouth shaped ceiling and people in the middle become a prison word. It is recommended that you use less mouth shaped ceiling

VI. the ceiling lamp in the living room should be round

the interior must give people a bright feeling, so the lighting in the living room should be sufficient, and dim will affect the career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the living room is very important. It is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the meaning of doing things perfectly

in fact, the best design should be the one with thick four sides and thin middle. It looks open and symbolizes gathering wealth and making the finishing point





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