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The most beautiful Chinese style! Mag's whole house customization uses new Chinese style + white oak to create 185m2 poetic space for you

house is the container of life, and life is the dwelling of soul

the body is repaired in sleep, and the mind is repaired in rest

every plant and tree exudes elegant leisure,

every device and thing carries the joy of life

create the most comfortable style of home, and get satisfaction from your heart

project introduction

address: intersection of Shahu Avenue and Zhengyi Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

real estate: Wuhan No.1 courtyard of rongchuang center

house type: 185m2 with four bedrooms and two halls

style: new Chinese style

series: Zhijian series

color: white oak

house type transformation

design description

this case is positioned as new Chinese style, using white, warm gray and light wood color as the main tone.Three colors echo each other, creating a quiet and far-reaching Fresh and elegant atmosphere. Gray bricks are used on the ground, which is in contrast to the warm wood veneer, wood partition and wood furniture

the furniture is carefully carved from oak, revealing years of calm and steadiness without losing clarity and silence, just like the introverted and stable character of the master

whole house design

1 Porch

the porch cabinet is led out from an old dead wood head. A few scattered lotus flowers reveal different vitality. As soon as you open the door, you fall into a simple and quiet space

a shoe cabinet is set at the entrance, which not only has the functions of putting shoes, hanging clothes, hanging bags, and putting hats, but also has the design of pumping out and placing small objects for easy access

2. Living room

the design of the living room cabinet is simple and generous, which mainly plays a decorative role. If you need to store it, you can increase the storage box to avoid messy appearance. You can place common items and use them whenever you want

3. Restaurant

due to the limitations of space and door size, as well as the Chinese style, which pays attention to symmetry and other comprehensive considerations, the upper part of the design is open, and the lower part is the opposite door and drawer storage, which not only meets the symmetry, but also has a sense of hierarchy. The design inside the cabinet has complete functions, and the spare bowls and plates of wine glasses and bottles can be placed. The cabinet door meets the storage of multiple items, and does not appear messy

4. The bookcase design of the study

caters to the concise temperament of the new Chinese style. The appearance is the combination of the grating glass door and the flat door, which not only has a comparative shape, but also slightly transparent. The combination of the low cabinet and the high cabinet increases the spatial level without congestion

the cabinet type in the tea tasting area is mainly open, with several drawers. The back is green tea as the background. The space uses more wood colors, the material is warmer, and the area is more breathable. Coupled with the selection and display of decorations, a quiet and simple atmosphere arises spontaneously

5. Master bedroom

the master bedroom has a separate cloakroom. The cabinet in the bedroom is mainly used for hanging and placing common clothes and storing items that can be easily taken, which not only increases the storage function, but also the design of opening the door makes the space unified, tidy and atmospheric

the design of the independent cloakroom is to increase the storage function of the master bedroom, the division of the structure in the cabinet, and the division of types, so as to meet the storage of all kinds of clothes, so that the owner will not appear messy while storing, and it will be very convenient to take them

6. Children's room

children's room integrates learning and rest. The desk and wardrobe meet daily storage, and the wardrobe can be used as a multi-function cabinet, which can not only store the wardrobe, but also store children's books, schoolbags and other appliances. The sliding door of two huge decorative paintings in the room is more coordinated with the space, meeting the function and decoration





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