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Recommendation 1 of study decoration design: I am a rigorous literary and artistic youth

for many office workers, the study is not only a part of family life, but also an extension of the office. SOHO office, which has sprung up in recent years, has made the study decoration more commercial, atmospheric and rigorous. Just like the study recommended by Xiaobian, he adopts the double design of louvers and light colored curtains commonly used in the office, and the table is also a business table that can hold small meetings. The chair adopts a full leather sofa chair that makes people sit very comfortable. Completely different from the tense atmosphere in the office, although there is a strong business atmosphere here, the photo wall and naughty arc-shaped table lamp reveal the master's rigorous and scholarly literary temperament

study decoration design recommendation 2: I am an electronically controlled literary and art youth

for many curtilage people, the study is not only a place for reading and working, but also a paradise for movie players to use video games. It must also be an ideal way for many otaku men to spend the weekend with a few friends jumping into bed and playing video games on weekends. The biggest killer of this study recommended by Xiaobian is the bed cabinet that can look like a wardrobe. When a person is at home, he sits on an American style chair and plays wow and dota. When a friend comes to the study at the weekend, it becomes a bed and video game paradise. Why not





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