Can the hottest tower crane be used indefinitely

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Can tower cranes be used indefinitely

the tower crane can be used in the new construction site after the completion of the construction project. The service life of the tower crane is roughly regulated according to the following aspects:

a) the total number of working cycles will be considered in the design of the tower crane. Generally, small tower cranes are frequently used, and their depreciation life is shorter, which is years. Large tower cranes are relatively idle, and their depreciation life is about 20 years

b) considering the progress of normal renewal and transformation of machinery, it is conducive to the technological progress of enterprises. China generally limits the depreciation year of construction machinery to 1. China's plastic machinery enterprises have frequently expanded their opening up of emerging markets for extruders for 0 years

c) for the maintenance of tower crane, 90% of its structure is steel structure, and its movement wear degree is almost zero. In China, the maintenance of tower crane is divided into three-level maintenance system

d) routine maintenance: including inspection of electrical appliances, inspection of motors, inspection of gear boxes, inspection of steel wire ropes, inspection of connectors, trial operation and inspection of safety devices

e) primary maintenance: focusing on the advantages of checking, lubricating, adjusting and fastening electronic experimental machines below 30t

f)1. The main functions of the tension machine are advanced maintenance: focusing on eliminating hidden dangers

routine maintenance shall be carried out every shift, primary maintenance shall be carried out every month after work, and advanced maintenance shall be carried out once a year after work

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