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Pure benzene aniline MDI industrial chain: can it usher in a new round of rise?

at the end of March and the beginning of April, the pure benzene aniline MDI industrial chain showed eye-catching performance, both of which achieved the largest increase in 2009. After a period of adjustment, there seem to be more and more favorable factors. Can the industrial chain usher in a new round of rising cycle

as the largest downstream product of pure benzene, styrene is still at a high price although it is slightly flat recently; However, another downstream cyclohexanone rose strongly. Affected by this, the pure benzene market was able to rest, while the Asian external market rose sharply, which provided strong support for the domestic spot market. It was rumored that the price of Sinopec pure benzene would rise, and the holders were reluctant to sell. The market price rose by yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the week. At present, the price of pure benzene in the East China market is at yuan/ton when the load can no longer rise; The price of pure benzene in North China market is yuan/ton, and that in South China market is around yuan/ton

in terms of substitute products for petroleum benzene, the market space for hydrogenated benzene and refined benzene is small when petroleum benzene is at a low level. A number of new units for hydrogenation of benzene have been put into operation, but the shipment volume is small, the price is low, and most of them are shipped from surrounding areas. At present, there is little impact on petroleum benzene. Restricted by raw materials, Shanxi sanwei and other large enterprises were forced to continue parking. Refined benzene enterprises are still facing a "cold winter". At present, almost all production enterprises have stopped, some have changed production and are facing bankruptcy. Only two enterprises are operating, but the profit level is very low

the price of aniline fell slightly, which was mainly reflected in the price of East China moving closer to that of North China. The current price of aniline is RMB/ton. Due to the recent shutdown and overhaul of downstream Wanhua MDI unit, some Wanhua aniline suppliers have shutdown and overhaul plans in May, such as Tianji coal chemical, Jiangsu Shuangliang, etc. Jilin Cornell 150000t/a plant was shut down on April 30 due to the "Jilin chemical fiber employee poisoning" incident. The supply and demand of aniline Market will face a new round of test

thanks to the "home appliances to the countryside", the production and sales of polymerized MDI as its raw materials are booming. At the same time, the traditional peak season of the polyurethane industry is coming, and some raw materials in the polyurethane industry are in short supply. The downstream demand for pure MDI is not strong, but it is difficult to stop the rising trend of pure MDI price, which rises to yuan/ton. Polymerized MDI benefited from the peak season of downstream demand. The market supply was tight and the rise was obvious. At present, the market price has risen to yuan/ton. Ningbo Wanhua MDI plant is planned to be shut down for maintenance on May 15, which will last for about one month. MDI will face a tight supply situation in the future

overview (1) input and set all contents; Benzene benamot is installed on the amine MDI industrial chain along with the change of vehicles, and the market price of pure benzene is planning to rise; Aniline manufacturers are faced with favorable factors of decreasing parking supply; MDI supply is slightly tight. Panxiaoli, China Chemical Analyst and editor in chief of pure benzene aniline MDI business club, believes that after the adjustment period, the industrial chain may usher in a new wave of rising market, but the range should be small

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