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Can electrification become a "life-saving straw" for weak car companies

since the second half of last year, China's auto market has been declining for 12 consecutive months, putting pressure on all links of the entire auto industry chain. As a car enterprise facing the market and consumers directly, it is complaining incessantly in this round of the last elimination

in terms of sales volume, among the nearly 100 auto enterprises counted by the passenger Association, more than 20 auto enterprises experienced a year-on-year decline of more than 50% in sales volume in the first half of this year. Among these auto enterprises are Tianjin FAW, FAW Haima, Dongfeng Yulong and other self owned brand auto enterprises that are gradually declining, as well as joint venture auto enterprises such as Changan Peugeot Citroen and Dongfeng Renault, which want to achieve this goal

whether independent or joint venture, some weak auto companies continue to decline in the overall environment of the industry, and the auto industry is facing adjustment and reconstruction, and begin to accelerate into a new round of the last elimination

in recent years, with the promotion of the "new four modernizations" of the automobile industry and the strong support of the state for new energy vehicles, some traditional automobile enterprises have begun to actively seek new ways from the perspective of industrial transformation. The representative enterprises in this respect are Jiangling Motors and baowo motors. However, since last year, under the impact of the downward trend of the auto market, the two major auto companies have been left behind by the mainstream army, and are likely to be marginalized. In that case, can the march into new energy save the fate of these car companies being "eliminated"

Jiangling: can "electric shock" avoid being marginalized

as an old traditional automobile enterprise, Jiangling Motor started as a commercial vehicle. In the early years, with the help of the star model Ford Quanshun, Jiangling made great achievements in the light truck market. Today, JMC trucks, JMC pickup trucks and JMC light buses under Jiangling have stable market performance in the commercial vehicle market. However, in the field of passenger cars, due to the continuous weakness of the independent brand Yusheng under Jiangling and the limited product layout of Jiangling Ford, it has not made much progress in this field

2015, under the background of the rapid rise of new energy industry, Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially established and quickly established its own production base and "three electricity" laboratory. In 2016, the annual sales volume of Jiangling new energy reached 15600 units, which is quite difficult for new energy vehicle enterprises that have not launched new products for a long time

now, Jiangling's new energy product system has been gradually improved. The models include hatchback and hatchback pure electric cars and pure electric SUVs. However, with the gradual decline of the national subsidy for new energy vehicles this year, and the stable operation and normal production for more than one year, the market performance of Jiangling new energy also showed a sluggish trend. According to the statistics of the ride Association, in the first half of this year, the cumulative sales volume of Jiangling new energy was 11800 units, which was more than 30% lower than that of the industrial 4.0 plan considered as the Chinese version

the decline in sales of Jiangling new energy has to be said to be related to the decline of national policy subsidies and the serious homogenization of products. Throughout the product layout of Jiangling new energy, although it has a wide coverage and low price, it does not form differentiated competition with other products in the market. In addition, after the pure electric vehicle market loses the driving force of the policy, the market performance is bound to plummet, while new energy vehicle enterprises such as Jiangling new energy, which rely on the policy for survival, will inevitably encounter impact in the case of insufficient product competitiveness

if the establishment and development of Jiangling new energy is driven by the state's support for new energy vehicles, baowo's "electric shock" is necessary to "survive"

baowo: what is the intention of "the third pole of car making"

in 2015, baowo automobile (China) Co., Ltd. was incorporated. In just four years, although baowo's leadership has changed several times, the media and the public are particularly impressed by its marketing skills of "telling stories" and its positioning as a "German brand controlled by Chinese capital"

last year, Yang Song took over baowo. Then, a series of marketing "tricks" such as "baowo military regulation", "Zang Toushi", "absence from Beijing auto show" and "fastest curve" planned by him were brushed by the industry. At the press conference held in early May last year, Yang Song announced to the media that baowo had put forward an innovative et energy concept, that is, the "dual track parallel development concept of new energy vehicles". This means that in the future, baowo will simultaneously carry out the R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles. At this press conference, the first pure electric SUV model bxi7 of baowo brand was officially launched. This product was born on the e-propulsion platform that can be compatible with the production of two energy models

however, it is a pity that bxi7 did not show its due sales performance in the market. At the end of last year, Foton Motor, which was caught in huge losses due to baowo's financial constraints, decided to sell off 67% of baowo's equity; Two months later, China took over the offer. In this regard, insiders said that Yang Song took over baowo, and his core mission was to make baowo realize asset restructuring and finally sell good prices for Foton

now, with the departure of Yang Song's team, baowo has welcomed a new owner. In the first half of this year, baowo auto sales increased by 30%; The industry believes that the growth of baowo is due to the entry of Shenzhou Youche. At the beginning of this year, Shenzhou Youche and baowo released a new strategy and launched a new retail platform for Shenzhou baowo automobile, aiming to fully realize the separation of production and marketing and channel remodeling

Bruno Lambert, the newly appointed global president of baowo automobile, believes that baowo automobile will be committed to the electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing of the new generation of automobiles under the new model, and become the "third pole of automobile manufacturing" between the traditional main engine factory and the new forces that require transparency of products when making automobiles

however, with the help of new investors, how should baowo take the road of "electrification"? How far can we go? It deserves the attention of the industry

the decline of the automobile market and the reconstruction of the automobile industry have accelerated the electric shock of traditional automobile enterprises. However, for relatively weak auto companies such as Jiangling and baowo, can "electric shock" ensure their smooth progress? At present, it is still an unknown number

the industry believes that when the "big hand" of policies that play a regulatory role in the new energy market gradually shrinks, the rise of new power auto companies and the entry of traditional auto giants may make the competition in the new energy market more intense. In terms of the development trend of the industry, the development trend of pure electric vehicles replacing diesel locomotives is irreversible. Therefore, in the future, the prospect of new energy vehicle market is particularly broad. However, in a short period of time, diesel locomotives are still dominant in the car market

at present, under the pattern of policy retreat and industrial restructuring, can the weak car enterprises survive this "winter"

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