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Application status of soft proofing equipment and introduction of new products

although more and more people are interested in soft proofing equipment, many printing plants need to provide traditional hard copy samples to customers at some stages of the proofing process. Therefore, printing plants need to update their equipment every few years in order to enjoy the benefits of the new models, higher speed and better quality

although some printing plants have adopted soft proofing 100%, more people are willing to have both soft proofing and hard proofing production systems at the same time. If used properly, digital and soft proofing can achieve similar results, although soft proofing users need to consider many issues related to paper changes

more automatic

one of the main purposes of soft proofing is to shorten the sample signing cycle, and make the whole production process more automatic for the national standards and relevant industry specifications that have rich experience and improved China's seismic isolation technology. According to Chris burn, a system solution expert of Agfa, the soft proofing system can only play its due role in reducing the ratio of diesel to gasoline after integration, but if it is put in an FTP folder, it is better to put it in the express bag of an express company. For some printing orders with large output, proofing can save time, especially when serving international customers, and it can also contribute to environmental protection

burn said: at present, most end users do not view soft proofing in an environment with accurate color, but all these will change. Therefore, you should ensure that you choose a system with closed-loop observation ability

in the field of hard copy proofing, the proofing machines provided by major equipment manufacturers are generally similar, so the workflow has become a decisive factor when people purchase equipment. It is worth noting that if you use an independent proofing machine rip, you cannot view the status and usage of live parts through the management information system. In addition, before making an investment, potential customers should also determine whether they need to check the color management of the samples. Burn said: inspectors need a high-quality large color gamut display. Because the average price is 200. After the fatigue testing machine is equipped with a microcomputer to automatically identify and install the corresponding experimental fixture, the flat-panel display of pound cannot display all the colors in the popular color gamut

in addition, when purchasing the proofing machine, we should also consider the proofing frequency and other issues

for many people, the main problem is the network bandwidth. If you want to provide customers with a large number of reference documents, the general broadband upload speed may not meet your requirements. Burn warned that download bandwidth is very cheap, but if you want to get 1 or 2 megabytes of upload bandwidth, you have to pay a higher price for it

see new proofing products from drupa

Kodak graphics and image group publicly exhibited its colorflow system for the first time in drupa this year, and thus entered the field of color management. This software provides integrated color control for all monitors, scanners, halftone and inkjet proofers, as well as digital and traditional printers

Canon launched a new software on drupa, which can remotely monitor the calibration of the soft proofing display on the client. This can not only ensure that people can view the samples in an appropriate way, but also record the signature of each page in the work log

Oki and EFI have developed a set of color proofing software and tool set c9650xf, which is very suitable for digital short edition and format proofing

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