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Application status of narrow width rotary printing in the field of labels

narrow width rotary printing refers to narrow width flexographic and relief printing. In recent years, special processes such as cold hot stamping, hot stamping, wire lamination, glazing and super glazing have gradually become the mainstream technology of narrow width rotary application

1. printing method

at present, narrow width rotary printing has covered various printing processes. The mainstream method has developed from relief printing to flexographic printing, and the connecting line is combined with rotary offset printing. The scale scale should be clear and uniform, rotary printing and rotary gravure printing

as international well-known brand owners have set up branches in China, the packaging labels of products are gradually localized. In order to meet the global unified quality requirements of these companies, PDA (DHI unit) is displayed in orange and anti-counterfeiting needs, and the process is also becoming more and more complex. Connecting multiple process applications has become the choice of the market. At present, only Nilpeter, which can connect to provide the combination of flexographic printing and rotary printing, can provide four processes of flexographic printing, offset printing, gravure printing and printing on one production line, so as to meet the requirements of customers for a variety of processes to the greatest extent

2. Special processing technology

cold hot stamping uses a group of flexo units as glue coating units. The substrate is laminated with the cold hot stamping film. After UV curing, it shows hot stamping effect, with high speed, low cost, dot and gradient visual image effect

super glazing is to change the glazing effect with orange peel effect after ordinary glazing into a mirror effect with extremely high brightness. The brightness is higher than that of high gloss film coating, and the cost is far lower than that of film coating

3.uv process

uv printing has bright colors, fast drying speed and strong ink adhesion. Cold UV is suitable for film printing. Special filter glass is used to block the infrared ray in the light box, and the heat is discharged through the exhaust system and water cooling system. Water cooling rollers or water cooling pillows are equipped at the bottom of the printing material to absorb the heat attached to the surface of the material, so as not to produce thermal deformation. For in mold labels and film labels, cold UV is the basic configuration of this kind of high-end products, and the parison will be unstable

narrow width rotary equipment is divided into spindle transmission mode, servo transmission mode, central imprinting mode and unit printing mode

1. Whether it has servo drive

in terms of servo drive, it is very helpful to improve the overall performance of printing equipment. The main advantages are as follows

(1) reduce the preparation time

(2) reduce the adjustment time of old products by about 30%

(3) reduce the adjustment time of new products by about 40%

(4) the motor has millions of pulses per revolution, which can be used for precise positioning, proportion and speed control. Equipped with intelligent drivers and high-speed microprocessors, the printing accuracy is greatly improved

(5) avoid the torque instability and hysteresis caused by shaft and gear transmission, and improve the positioning drift and gear ink bar

(6) it is no longer controlled by the gear pitch of carefully studying and judging the industrial development trend, and can be adjusted at will

(7) omit the high-power drive motor, reduce power consumption, cancel the mechanical transmission mechanism, greatly simplify the structure and simplify the maintenance

2. unit printing mode

unit narrow width printing equipment is different from traditional unit printing and platform interchangeable unit printing. The platform unit printing method is the first invention of Nilpeter company and applied to the narrow width rotary printing equipment. The platform unit printing equipment can freely replace the printing plug-in, and has strong flexibility. Because it has the characteristics of off-line adjustment preparation, and has very flexible replaceable performance, it has been adopted by many narrow width rotary manufacturers

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