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Application status of virtual machine tool technology (Part 1)

virtual machine tool is a new research field proposed with the development of virtual manufacturing technology. Virtual NC machine tool is the executive unit of virtual manufacturing and one of the key basic technologies of virtual manufacturing in microstructure Physics (Haller). Its ultimate goal is to establish a real machining environment for virtual manufacturing, and realize the simulation of machining process on the computer screen, so as to enhance the decision-making and control ability at all levels of the manufacturing process and optimize the manufacturing process

virtual NC technology is a comprehensive technical system formed by many advanced disciplines and advanced knowledge, and it is a frontier research field with great potential. Due to the rapid development of multimedia technology, network technology and simulation technology, it is understood that virtual NC technology will achieve faster development. Virtual machine tool is the core of virtual machining technology. Networking, intelligence and integration are the development direction of virtual manufacturing technology. The development goal of virtual machine tool software should be to develop engineering oriented practical small software for specific machine tools according to the domestic reality and the development trend of foreign software. Taking a certain type of virtual machine tool as the attachment of this type of CNC machine tool can improve the market competitiveness of CNC machine tools and increase the added value of machine tool products. The application of virtual NC machine tool will bring vitality to manufacturing technology and push the research and development of virtual NC machine tool to a new stage

1 characteristics and functions of virtual NC machine tool

1.1 characteristics of virtual NC machine tool

a) good structure: including three aspects: 1) structure similar to real machine tool. It has a structure similar to the real machine tool, so that the virtual machine tool can imitate any function of the real machine tool without distortion or loss of a structure due to the use of some approximate replacement; 2) The granularity of each module of the machine tool. The granularity of each module of virtual machine tool enables each module to be developed and work independently of each other, thus enhancing the operability and manageability of virtual machine tool; 3) Appropriate particle size of each module. The granularity of each module of the virtual machine tool depends on whether the abstraction of each module is properly defined, so that the virtual machine tool is not only an abstract framework that can summarize various types of CNC machine tools, but also can easily connect specific modules to simulate a specific type of CNC machine tools

b) perfect graphic interface: the perfect graphic interface enables users to not only fully operate the CNC machine tool as in the real environment, but also completely and truly observe the various states and operating parameters of the machine tool in the form of images, so as to maximize the degree of human-machine integration

c) complete symbolic data interface: the complete symbolic data interface can make various static and running states of the virtual machine tool be perceived by the outside world in the form of symbolic data, thus providing a seamless link with other manufacturing software. The outside world can also control the virtual crossbeam slingshot curve - the cable machine tool connecting the moving crossbeam and the machine electrical through inputting symbolic data

d) powerful network support function: powerful network support function enables virtual machine tools to serve all kinds of real manufacturing resources, so as to provide interoperability with external manufacturing resources in the sense of connection

e) standard data format: because virtual machine tools use standard data format to store, transmit and process data, they can improve the interoperability with external manufacturing resources in the semantic sense

1.2 functions of virtual NC machine tool

virtual NC machine tool should be able to simulate different processing methods and different processing materials, complete various operations of NC machine tool, realistically display various actions of NC machine tool, and display and evaluate processing results. Therefore, the system requires the following functions:

a) simulate the machining process: display and simulate the CNC control function, animate the machining process, check the tool path and interference, overcut, collision, etc., and give warnings

b) evaluate the workpiece quality: display the topological relationship, dimension, tolerance and table of the 3D solid surface of the workpiece, and jointly strive for the future quality of Hong Kong

c) estimate the processing cost: the processing cost can be estimated by simulating the processing process

d) monitoring of the processing process: monitoring all aspects of the processing process

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