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The application status of multi-function combined printing machine in the label market

with the continuous progress of society, the rapid growth of economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, great changes have taken place in all walks of life. The printing industry is no exception: the sudden rise of the electronic media industry, led by special features, has greatly impacted the traditional book printing; The improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of environmental awareness have given flexographic printing, known as "green printing", an increasingly broad market; The gradual establishment of China as the world's largest processing plant and consumer market has naturally pushed packaging and printing to the forefront of the market, providing it with a huge space for development

now, as a new force in packaging printing, label printing has been favored by more and more people of insight because of its huge development prospects and rich profits. The label market, which is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 30% every year, the grand holding of more than 10 special lectures and exhibitions on label printing every year, and the emergence of a strong label printing atmosphere at China print 2005, which has just ended in Beijing, have all conveyed an indisputable fact to the printing industry: the spring of label printing is coming, and label printing will become China's printing industry in the past decade, following the beautiful picture books, bills, color boxes Cigarette packs are another new market highlight

development trend of label printing

in the label printing market, with the continuous development and progress of the market, the division of labor in the industry is becoming more and more detailed, and the variety of products is increasing, which leads to the increasingly complex process of label products, the increasingly refined level, and the increasingly strict quality requirements

early labels were mainly paper labels, which were manually labeled, and later developed into automatic labeling systems. At present, most of the labels on the market are self-adhesive labels. The utilization rate of such products is not high, and about 60% (mainly low paper) will be discarded. Affected by the cost, such labels will eventually transition to in mold labels with higher utilization

the so-called in mold label is to put the label into the mold during the bottle blow molding process, and use the residual temperature of blow molding to melt the pre coated adhesive layer of the label, so as to form an integral whole between the bottle and the label. Its advantages are:

a. reduce a labeling process, and no longer need labeling equipment, manpower and material resources

b. the material utilization rate is high. After removing the waste edge, more than 95% are useful

c. the bottle body is integrated with the label, which is beautiful and elegant

d. anti counterfeiting, the bottle body is integrated with the label, and any damage is clear at a glance. The forming process is relatively complex

development trend of label printing equipment

domestic label printing starts with offset printing, and the "convex" version is still the main force. When making some simple products, due to the current domestic market activity is lower than the international market, offset printing and embossing have advantages in plate making, but the process will be limited. Especially when making some special products, they can only sigh

in consideration of anti-counterfeiting and aesthetics, modern labels have increasingly high requirements for technology. Many companies hope to equip their products with special labels for Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., which is an enterprise specializing in the production of experimental machines: either special process treatment is required to achieve special effects, or the products are required to reflect the characteristics of various printing methods. For example, the process of a shampoo label in XX company is quite complex. It has a metal background color and the surface has the effect of silk screen printing and flexographic printing, which requires the combination of flexographic printing, silk screen printing and gravure printing; XXX's transparent beer label has a silver effect made of gravure; Similarly, XX beer also has the effect of metal color and silk screen printing

it can be seen that the future label market will move towards high-end, exquisite, anti-counterfeiting, multi-process and high efficiency, which will provide a place for multi-functional combination equipment

modern narrow width rotary printing equipment

Nilpeter company was founded in Denmark in 1919. It first produced the relief printing machine pressed by the center, developed to the unit relief printing machine, and later produced the unit flexographic printing machine. Until today's modern narrow width rotary printing equipment with freely interchangeable processes, it has always guided the printing industry to move forward, and is a leading brand in the field of narrow width rotary printing

the unique advanced full platform technology of modern narrow width rotary is that under the characteristics of various printing methods such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing and bronzing, and the pressure and transmission characteristics of various printing methods, all working components can be freely interchanged

various processes including rotary offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing, cold stamping and hot stamping can be freely interchanged on this multi-function platform. Ensure that you can realize all kinds of flexibility in technology and give full play to your imagination in design. In addition, the printing sequence of various processes is completely free. For example, product a needs to be completed by the combination of glue, concave, silk, soft and bronzing processes. Whether it is glue before concave, soft before silk, bronzing or printing needs to be tried for half a day. If you try all kinds of offline, it is obviously not competitive. Even the same equipment and unpredictable process combination will ensure your leading edge, which is beyond the reach of competitors

various series of Nilpeter equipment are widely used in the printing of in mold labels, toothpaste hoses, aluminum foil, plastic films, etc., and can complete high-speed die cutting online. The maximum speed is 175m/min, providing better services for enterprises in terms of quality, quality and efficiency. It is deeply loved by printing enterprises in the European and American markets. With more and more attention to environmental protection, it will open a new chapter in China

solid body, high resale value

flexo printing unit, silk unit, offset printing unit and gravure printing unit can be interchanged at will

printing unit can be prepared offline

Nilpeter GLS system

nil and friction and wear experimental machine, which have obtained world patents, boldly improved the transmission mode of traditional flexo printing machine, increased power on the paper passing roller, and changed the embossing cylinder to driven paper feeding, The ink bar caused by gear transmission can be eliminated; It can well disperse the tension of the substrate in the printing process, and ensure that the film substrate does not stretch and deform, so as to improve the overprint accuracy and printing quality of the equipment

cold UV technology

through the cold mirror technology, the infrared ray is reflected, and only the ultraviolet ray is allowed to cooperate with the large water-cooled roller, which effectively avoids the thermal deformation of the printing material at the moment of light drying

PMC printing control center

reverse printing

die cutting

pre overprint

automatic overprint

after manual overprint, the automatic overprint system will ensure the accuracy of registration in the printing process

hot stamping/cold stamping/holographic positioning stamping

optional servo drive

optional cold stamping unit

Nilpeter cold stamping unit, in addition to cold stamping, can also complete film covering, super glazing and other functions without any cost increase

optional non-stop uncoiling/rewinding

optional non-stop waste collection

we believe that with the entry of large multinational companies into China, their label products will also be quickly localized. Their requirements for label products will also drive the whole industry to continue to develop. Combined printing equipment will become the main model of high-end label printing

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