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English abbreviations of welding and related processes

aw arc welding arc welding AHW atomic hydrogen welding atomic hydrogen welding caw bare metal arc welding unprotected metal wire arc welding caw carbon arc welding carbon arc welding caw-g gas carbon arc welding gas shielded carbon arc welding caw-s shielded carbon arc welding protected carbon arc welding

caw- T -- Twin carbon arc welding -- Twin carbon arc welding

egw -- electrogas welding -- gas electric vertical welding

fcaw -- flux cored arc welding -- flux cored arc welding

fcw-g -- gas shielded flux cored arc welding -- gas shielded flux cored arc welding

fcw-s -- self shielded flux cored arc welding -- self shielded flux cored arc welding

gmaw - gas metal arc welding—— GMAW-P pulsed arc welding GMAW-S short circuiting arc welding GTAW gas tungsten arc welding GTAW pulsed arc welding Arc welding

paw - plasma arc welding - plasma arc welding

smaw - shielded metal arc welding - electrode arc welding

sw - student arc welding - bolt arc welding

saw - submerged arc welding

saw-s - series - horizontal double wire submerged arc welding

rw - RW sistance welding - resistance welding

fw - Flash weld Ding -- flash welding

rw-pc -- Understanding experiment Required experimental space Beam displacement and vertical experimental space required by the experiment, (1 general situation - pressure controlled resistance welding - pressure controlled resistance welding

pw - projection welding - projection welding

rsew - resistance seam welding - resistance seam welding

rsew-hf - high frequency seam welding - high frequency resistance seam welding

rsew-i - induction seam welding - induction resistance seam welding

rsew-ms - mash seam welding - flattening seam welding

rsw - Resistan CE spot welding -- spot welding

uw -- upset welding -- Resistance butt welding

uw-hf -- high frequency -- high frequency resistance butt welding

uw-i -- induction -- induction resistance butt welding

ssw -- solid state welding

cew -- Co extrusion welding

cw -- cold welding -- cold pressure welding

dfw -- diffusion welding-- diffusion welding

hipw -- hot isostatic press Re diffusion welding -- hot isostatic pressure diffusion welding

exw -- explosion welding

fow -- forge welding -- forging welding

frw -- friction welding -- friction welding

frw-dd -- direct drive friction welding -- radial friction welding

fsw -- friction stir welding

frw-i -- inertia friction welding

hpw - hot press Re welding -- hot pressing welding

row -- roll welding -- hot rolling welding

usw -- ultra sonic welding -- ultrasonic welding

s -- soldering

ds -- dip soldering -- dip brazing

fs -- furnace brazing

is -- induction brazing

irs -- Infrared brazing

ins - iron soldering Iron brazing

rs resistance brazing resistance brazing

ts torch brazing flame brazing

uus ultrasonic brazing ultrasonic brazing

ws wave soldering wave soldering

b brazing soft soldering

bb block brazing block brazing

dfb diffusion brazing diffusion welding DB dip brazing dipping brazing

exb - - exothermic brazing reaction brazing

fb furnace brazing

ib induction brazing induction brazing

irb infrared brazing infrared brazing

rb resistance brazing resistance brazing

tb torch brazing flame brazing

tcab twin carbon arc brazing double carbon arc brazing

ofw Oxyfuel Gas Welding gas welding

AAW - air acetylene welding

oaw - oxyacetylene welding - oxyacetylene welding

ohw - oxyhydrogen welding - oxyhydrogen welding

pgw - pressure gas welding - pneumatic welding

other welding and joining - other welding and connection methods

ab - adhesive bonding - bonding

bw - braze welding - brazing welding

abw - arc braze welding—— Electric arc brazing

cabw - carbon arc brazing - carbon arc brazing

ebbw - electron beam brazing - electron beam brazing

e Jinan gold testing machine reducer use method XBW - exothermic braze welding - thermal reaction brazing

flb - flow brazing - wave soldering

flow - flow welding - wave soldering

lbbw - laser beam brazing Ding -- laser brazing

ebw ——Electron beam welding - electron beam welding

ebw-hv - high vacuum - high vacuum electron beam welding

ebw-mv - medium vacuum - medium vacuum electron beam welding

ebw-nv - non vacuum electron beam welding

esw - electroslag welding - electroslag welding

esw-cg - consumable guide electroslag welding - nozzle electroslag welding

iw induction welding

lbw ——Laser beam welding -- laser welding

pew -- focus welding -- impact resistance welding

tw -- thermal welding -- thermal flux welding

thsp -- thermal spraying

asp -- arc spraying

flsp -- Flame Spraying

flsp-w -- wire flame spraying -- wire flame spraying

hvof -- high velocity ity oxyfuel spraying—— High speed oxygen and gas spraying

psp plasma spraying

vpsp-w vacuum PL is simultaneously transmitted to the computer via RS232 ASMA spraying vacuum plasma spraying

tc thermal cutting thermal cutting

oc oxygen cutting gas cutting

oc-f flux cutting flux cutting

oc-p metal powder cutting metal flux cutting

ofc - Oxyfuel Gas C Utting -- oxyacetylene cutting

cfc-a -- oxyacetylene cutting

cfc-h -- oxyhydrogen cutting -- oxyhydrogen cutting

cfc-n -- oxyatomic gas cutting if graphene oxide is also antibacterial to other bacteria G -- oxynatural gas cutting

cfc-p -- oxypropylene cutting -- oxyacetone cutting

oac -- oxygen arc cutting -- oxygen arc cutting

og -- oxygen Gouging -- air gouging

olc -- oxygen lance cutting

ac -- arc cutting -- arc cutting

cac -- carbon arc cutting -- carbon arc cutting

cac-a -- air carbon arc cutting -- air carbon arc cutting

gmac -- gas metal arc cutting -- consumable electrode gas shielded arc cutting

gtac -- gas tungsten arc cutting -- gas tungsten arc cutting.Tungsten gas shielded arc cutting

pac ——Plasma arc cutting -- plasma arc cutting

smac -- shielded metal arc cutting -- electrode arc cutting

high energy beam cutting -- high energy beam cutting

ebc -- electron beam cutting -- electron beam cutting

lbc -- laser beam cutting -- laser cutting

lbc-a -- air laser cutting

lbc-ev -- evaluative -- vapor laser cutting

LBC Ig - iner T gas -- inert gas laser cutting

lbc-o -- oxygen -- oxygen laser cutting (end)

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