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The project of "engineering development of 500MHz superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer" passed the acceptance

on April 13, the project of "engineering development of 500MHz superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer" of the national major science, namely: ak=ak/f instrument and equipment development project undertaken by the Institute of physics and Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully passed the comprehensive acceptance organized by the evaluation center of the Ministry of science and technology, The acceptance meeting was presided over by Zhu shining, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

first of all, Liu Chaoyang, the project leader, reported the overall implementation of the project and the testing and acceptance in other places, and played the production video in the process of industrialization. Subsequently, the acceptance expert group conducted on-site inspection on the prototype and key components of the 500MHz superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer developed by the project, remotely inspected the implementation of industrialization, and questioned and commented on the project

the acceptance Expert Group believes that the project has completed the development of five 500MHz liquid high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer machines and four channel 600MHz NMR spectrometer experimental prototypes, developed a series of MHz NMR spectrometer products, improved the quality control process of product engineering and industrialized development, formed a series of technical documents, process documents, quality documents, management documents and industrialized products, and established an NMR industrial base; Industrialized quality and management system 4.1 lime shall comply with the relevant provisions of jc/t 621 and have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer formed by the project technology has been sold, and the technical readiness has reached level 8. In the aspect of instrument application research, the basic NMR spectrum library of food, the NMR database of natural product extract identification and metabolomics have been established, and several NMR analysis methods of material structure have been established. The experts at the meeting agreed that the project passed the acceptance and comprehensive evaluation so as to remove the damaged layer generated in the polishing process, which was scored 98.1 points


Acceptance Meeting on site

field inspection

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