A brief analysis of polyester Market in Jiaxing an

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A brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze Jiaxing City and Jiaxing City in one week (11..15)

the polyester market briefly contracted at the weekend before the calendar. This week, driven by the strength of raw materials such as installing extensometers or sticking strain gauges on the standard tensile sample when it was in tension, the price in the polyester market rose again, and most spinning factories joined the ranks of price increases. From Tuesday to Friday, the price of polyester rose continuously, with an increase of yuan/t. In particular, the direct sales volume of spinning mills increased significantly from the 11th to the 12th. On Friday, the polyester market price showed an inertial upward trend, and the polyester trading atmosphere was obvious. 43% will be used to replace the old aircraft, and the trading volume will also decrease. During the weekend, the trading volume shrank significantly, and there were almost no batch transactions

from the market variety trend, FDY fine denier 50d/48f, 75d/36f and dayouguang 50d/24f are relatively smooth, and the prices rise to yuan/t, yuan/t and Yuan/t respectively. The mainstream FDY wire 63d in the market showed a "simultaneous rise in volume and price" in the second half of the week, with the central market price rising to 12300 yuan/T. DTY winding is quite dynamic, among which dty75d/72f winding is mainly used in the production of downstream warp knitted fabrics. However, the number of buyers of FDY wire 150D, 200D and 300D increased slightly, and there were signs of large-scale demand. DTY winding 75d/144f, 150d/288f and DTY black silk also have a certain purchasing power. As the ex factory price of POY "textured precursor" continues to rise, the price of POY sold in the market is also increased correspondingly. The market prices of 50D, 75D and 100D are 11100 yuan/t, 11000 yuan/t and 10900 yuan/t respectively, with an increase of yuan/t compared with the price last week; Among them, POY wire 100D has a good sales trend again due to the rapid rise in the demand for splicing materials

from the analysis of current market conditions: Although the market is brewing rebound momentum in the shock, the resistance in the downstream is growing after the rise of polyester. The pre Jinan experimental machine has two structures, one arm structure and portal structure. It is estimated that the overall market of polyester will run in a "shrinkage adjustment" trend next week. If the market of PTA and chips, the previous raw materials of polyester, is stable, it is possible that the trading volume of polyester will be moderately enlarged at the weekend, and then the price will show a trend of chopping and rising

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