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Energy saving transformation of full-automatic disc plastic footwear injection molding machine

I. working principle of full-automatic disc plastic injection molding machine

full-automatic disc plastic injection of shoe-making enterprises 7 The safety rope tensile testing machine can automatically archive and manually archive the molding machine after the test. It is a common electrical equipment in shoe-making enterprises, known as the electric tiger. China is a big country in shoe-making, with a large number of shoe-making equipment

mechanical characteristics of automatic disc type plastic injection molding machine (hereinafter referred to as disc machine):

◎ this machine is specially used to produce all kinds of high-grade monochrome, two-color and three color sports shoes, casual shoes soles, men's and women's children's shoes soles and other products

◎ raw materials are suitable for the production of foaming and other thermoplastic raw materials, such as PVC, TPR, etc

◎ this machine is controlled by computer program (single chip microcomputer, PLC). The main and auxiliary machines are controlled accurately, with simple operation and easy maintenance

◎ the mold closing mother cylinder is designed with a pressure switch, which can quickly close the mold and establish the mold locking force, so that no burrs can be produced in each molding and ensure the quality of the product

◎ proportional pressure control, the injection pressure of each mold is operated independently, which is suitable for the manufacture of products with different injection quantities

II. Power saving principle of disc machine

due to the very violent mutation process in the working process of disc machine, the impact on the machine is very large, affecting the life of the whole injection molding system. At present, there are a large number of old equipment in domestic shoe-making enterprises, with low automation and high energy consumption. Machines are generally designed according to the maximum production capacity. In fact, they often do not use that much power in production. The speed of the oil pump motor remains unchanged, so the output power is almost unchanged. There is a phenomenon that a big horse pulls a small car in production. Therefore, a lot of energy is wasted

we use the frequency conversion operation technology of the disc machine. The frequency converter detects the pressure and flow signals from the computer board of the disc machine in real time. The pressure or flow signals of the disc machine are 0 ~ 1a. After internal processing, it outputs different frequencies and adjusts the motor speed, that is, the output power is automatically tracked and controlled synchronously with the pressure and flow, which is equivalent to the quantitative pump becoming an energy-saving variable pump, The original hydraulic pressure system matches the power required for the operation of the whole machine, eliminating the loss of high-pressure overflow energy of the original system. It can greatly reduce the vibration of mold closing and mold opening, stabilize the production process, improve product quality, reduce mechanical failures, prolong the service life of the machine, and save a lot of electric energy

III. characteristics of frequency conversion and energy saving

1) simple operation, synchronous operation with disc machine, without any adjustment

2) high reliability: keep the original control mode and oil circuit of the disc machine unchanged; The utility/power-saving operation control mode is adopted, so that the fire companion relationship between us is very important, and the production will not be affected when the condition is adjusted according to the normal deviation range of the standard environment specified in GB 2918

3) soft start: reduce machine vibration and prolong the service life of equipment and molds; Effectively reduce noise and improve working environment; The heating of the system is significantly reduced and the oil temperature is stable; Extend the service life of the sealing components, reduce the shutdown and maintenance rate, save a lot of maintenance costs, and increase the installed capacity of the transformer at the same time

4) high rate of return: all investments are recovered through electricity savings in about 6 to 12 months

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