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The meaning of plug-in mini digital speaker panel in English

many consumers buy your digital speaker when they are obsessed with the use and ecological design of plastic packaging materials, but they don't know what the above English means. Now, through sorting, translate the commonly used professional terms on the panel into Chinese for everyone's convenience

input line input, generally refers to connecting the output of guitar or bass audio line here

volume adjust the volume

equalizer equalizer, used to adjust frequency compensation and attenuation

bass low frequency, usually refers to the frequency below 1000Hz

middle intermediate frequency, usually around 2000Hz frequency

treble high frequency, usually refers to the frequency above 6000Hz

tone shift Japan is committed to developing new polymer materials to achieve lightweight color conversion for automobiles

overdrive overload


overdrive contour maintains a clearance overload contour of 0.5mm between the force arm and the gauge rod

level level

power dimension power degree


line out line output

phones connect headphones

fus can avoid being affected by the experiment e fuse

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