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Energy saving skills of color LED printer

in the field of office equipment, especially printer products, it is the most frequently used and most exposed consumer output device in people's daily work. Under the premise of advocating energy conservation and emission reduction all over the world, how to effectively reduce office costs and energy consumption has become a topic of concern for office workers

in the investigation and interview, the author found that although they have the desire to save energy, the vast majority of office workers are not familiar with the performance of printer equipment, so how to print more energy-saving in daily work is a new problem that hinders office energy conservation. After summarizing the experience of many office workers, the author believes that printing energy conservation should focus on the big picture and start with the small. Next, the author takes Oki c711dn, a new mainstream color LED printer for business printing, as an example to introduce the successful experience of energy-saving printing

save the use of more than 3million Mini wires

consumables are the main consumption source of printer equipment, so printer energy conservation should start with the use of consumables. In terms of the current printing demand of enterprises, most of the output is required for daily office. When printing these informal manuscripts, the standard printing mode can be changed to ink saving printing mode. The specific method is to open the printer's properties dialog box before printing, click printer preferences, and there will be a mode selection window under it. Here we can open the ink saving mode, so that the printer will print in the ink saving mode. It is reported that c711dn can not only save the use of toner, but also improve the printing speed and save electric energy with this method. The printed manuscript is more than enough for daily proofreading or circulation

at the same time, as a new mainstream LED printer for commercial paper tensile test machine printing, c711dn is equipped with LCD display to monitor the capacity of consumables in real time. When the LCD screen indicates that the remaining toner is low, or if the printing becomes shallow, according to the experience accumulated by the Evaluation Engineer for a long time, you can open the top cover of the printer and tap the toner box several times to make the toner evenly distributed. This allows the printer's toner cartridge to provide the maximum amount of printing. To avoid wasting toner and possible toner sensor errors, users can wait until the LCD display shows that the toner is gone before replacing the toner box

in addition to toner, photosensitive drum is another major consumables of printer. C711dn adopts the drum powder separation design, and the photosensitive drum can be replaced as a separate consumable. In the process of using the photosensitive drum, special attention should be paid to avoid unnecessary waste caused by the competitive emergence of a large number of contemporary latest technological achievements, including the research results of high-precision super performance special functional materials and the global network technology implementation and utilization results. The surface of the photosensitive drum is easily damaged and extremely sensitive to light. In addition to being untouchable to prevent scratches, do not expose the drum to normal room light for more than 5 minutes, or directly expose the drum to sunlight and very bright indoor light

rational use of functions

a survey shows that the working time of daily office printers is generally about 2 hours, and most of the rest are idle. Therefore, almost all printers are set with standby mode and power saving mode, and c711dn has a sleep mode to solve the energy-saving problem of printer idle state

due to the use of LED printing technology, one of the characteristics of c711dn itself is energy saving, and the power consumption in sleep mode is only 1.1W. According to the evaluation of authoritative media, even 7.4.2, the sampling number is less than 1W according to table 4, which makes c711dn have excellent energy-saving advantages. Fortunately, the time of c711dn from online to sleep mode can be set, so if the printer is not used within the set time, the printer will automatically enter sleep mode to control its power consumption. To cancel this mode, just press the power save/restore key on the operation panel

in addition, c711dn is equipped with automatic double-sided printing unit as standard, which can not only save 50% of the paper consumption for enterprises, but also save the purchase cost for enterprises without purchasing double-sided printing separately as an option. Moreover, the automatic double-sided printing unit also enables the printer to have more energy-saving applications. Through the c711dn driver, set the output format of the booklet in the printing preferences, and the printing program will automatically typeset and output, which is convenient for direct horseback nailing and binding into a booklet. By printing pamphlets, you can save up to three quarters of the printing paper. At the same time, making brochures can also make the printed matter look more concise and professional, and it is more convenient to read

efficiency is also energy saving

the author believes that creating greater value per unit time can also be regarded as energy saving, that is, efficiency is also energy saving. This has direct requirements for the printing speed of the printer and the output time of the first page. This requires users to pay attention when purchasing printers, fully consider the actual frequency and workload, and choose the most suitable printer for themselves. For example, if it is used by many people or departments, you should consider buying a network printer with a card; For example, the workload is very small, and there is no need to spend a high price to buy a high-speed printer just for printing occasionally; For example, if you only print ordinary black-and-white documents, you don't need to buy a color printer

Postscript: in fact, energy-saving printing technology is only one aspect of energy saving, and the user's awareness of energy saving is the most important. Without users' attention to energy conservation, no matter how good the technology is, it will not be able to exert the maximum effect. Let's act together to establish a good habit of energy conservation in our daily office

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