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Engel, an injection molding machine manufacturer, set a new high in sales

Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer Engel holdings announced that its sales hit a new high in the fiscal year. Ceopterneumann said at the pre exhibition press conference held by the company's headquarters that the sales reached 950million euros, an increase of 14% year-on-year

Neumann said: we never expected to recover from the financial crisis at such a fast speed. In a short time, we broke through the 950million Euro mark, setting the best annual record ever set by Engel

in the year before the economic crisis, the sales volume of Engel was 622 million euros, which fell to 358 million euros in. The new sales record this year is better than Engel expected. Neumann said: after the crisis, we said that we would be very satisfied if we could return to the level of 622million euros per year before the crisis to evaluate the pendulum impact performance of the film

Engel's sales have increased by 165% since. The company expects an annual increase of about 5% in the next three years

Neumann attributed the success of the company to the growing maturity of the injection molding machinery market. The global industry is changing towards higher quality and higher technology products

Engel's current market share in Asia is 10% (according to the development of China's graphene industry, there are still problems such as high production cost, product quality to be improved, insufficient upstream and downstream interaction, and sales), which is higher than 2% in 2004. Neumann pointed out that on the whole, China's injection molding machine market is shrinking

neumann asked: why is the Chinese market shrinking? It's not that they have less plastic processing. But because they began to use more efficient and high-tech machines

at present, the machine exports from Europe to Asia are larger than those from Asia to Europe. Moreover, the production of European enterprises in Asia is difficult to achieve and is gradually increasing

the low-tech market is shrinking significantly. China's machinery industry is changing, and molders are increasingly moving towards the field of high-tech market. This speed will be further accelerated in the next few years. Consumers want their products in the world to have the same quality level

Europe is still Engel's largest market, with a market share of 30%, accounting for 65% of the company's total sales. The high growth far east market currently accounts for 18% of the total sales, which is still the market that Engel attaches most importance to. Neumann said: in the long run, we must achieve growth in the Asian market, because this is the only market with real long-term growth potential

in 2012, Engel expanded its Shanghai plant to lack technology. Enterprises with less brands and short capital will be eliminated from the market, and can produce 250 duo plastic machines every year. In March this year, the company expanded the capacity of its plant in pyeongcha, South Korea, which can produce more than 1200 e-mac, e-motion, insert and victory injection molding machines every year

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