Engineering plastics for protective tubes of the h

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Engineering plastics for power cable protective tubes

Japanese Ge plastic hired 27 scientific and technological personnel with senior professional titles or above as members of the technical committee of the alliance. S company developed engineering plastics for power cable protective tubes and launched them on the market. This product is obtained by improving the existing modified PPO plastics, which can meet the requirements of high compressive strength at high temperatures It is a new product that is flame-retardant and will not have any impact on the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by countries in the South China Sea in accordance with international law. It is the first to replace the commonly used PVC plastic as wire and cable and as protective tube material. The new product is a halogen-free environmental protection product, with load deflection temperature of more than 100 ℃, heat resistance, stability, high bending strength, impact strength, low specific gravity, more than 20% lighter than PVC plastic

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