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Analysis on the current situation of wind farm energy storage and investment benefit

a total of 11 energy storage related policies issued by the state in 2016 and 2017, the policy direction: encourage → actively → breakthrough → implementation rules, gradually highlight the importance of energy storage industry, and force investment to jump out of the traditional professional barriers and its important position in energy transformation, as follows:

1 Guiding opinions on promoting the development of "interconnection +" smart energy (promoting the coordinated development of centralized and distributed energy storage)

2. Notice of the National Energy Administration on actively promoting the cooperation mode between government and social capital in the energy field (encouraging the implementation of PPP mode in energy storage projects)

3 "Energy technology revolution and innovation action plan (year)" (master the key core technologies and new concept energy storage technologies in all links of energy storage technology)

4 Notice of the National Energy Administration on promoting the participation of electric energy storage in the pilot work of the compensation (market) mechanism of electric auxiliary services in the "Three North" region (a certain scale of electric energy storage facilities can be used as an independent market subject or jointly participate in auxiliary services such as frequency modulation, deep peak shaving and start/stop peak shaving with the power generation enterprises without rust, burrs, bumps, scratches and other shortages)

5 Notice of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the National Energy Administration on printing and distributing the made in China 2025 - implementation plan of energy equipment with incomplete, unsmooth, uneven and uneven paint surface (energy storage equipment was selected as one of the energy equipment in 15 fields)

6 Implementation opinions of the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration on promoting the construction of multi energy complementary integration and optimization demonstration project (promoting the construction and operation of the wind, water and fire storage multi energy complementary system is only the construction and operation of the grounding system at three addresses)

7 The 13th five year plan for renewable energy development (promote the demonstration and application of energy storage technology, cooperate with the national energy strategic action plan, promote the demonstration and application of energy storage technology in the field of renewable energy, and promote the commercial application of energy storage)

8 Notice of the National Energy Administration on printing and distributing the 13th five year plan for energy development (actively carry out the construction of energy storage demonstration projects, promote the coordinated and optimized operation of energy storage systems with new energy and power systems; large-scale energy storage)

9, 2017 energy work guidance (establish an energy storage technology system research and development, comprehensive testing and engineering verification platform, and promote the test and demonstration of key energy storage technologies)

10 The Energy Administration issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry (Exposure Draft) (the relevant work will be promoted in two stages in the next 10 years. In the first stage, the transition of energy storage from R & D demonstration to the initial stage of commercialization will be realized; in the second stage, the transition from the initial stage of commercialization to standardized development will be realized)

11 Reply of the comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on carrying out special research on standards in the field of energy storage in the energy industry (building a standardized management system for energy storage)

II. The role of energy storage

1. Stabilize peak valley differences, reduce power generation adjustments, and improve traditional power generation efficiency

2. Reduce the investment in trunk expansion and save a lot of expansion funds

3. Stabilize new energy access, adjust the unpredictability of wind and electricity, and improve power quality

4. Improve electrical safety and backup power supply in case of problems in transmission and distribution

5. Improve the safety of black start and reduce the accident rate

III. comparison of main energy storage indicators

each energy storage battery has its own characteristics, and any energy storage technology has certain application limitations and scope. The above four battery technologies have no recognized advantages

IV. investment benefit analysis of wind farm energy storage

1 Composition of energy storage cost

the composition of energy storage system mainly includes battery unit, battery management system (BMS), energy conversion system (PCS) and central control system. The energy storage system consists of energy storage converter (PCS), battery energy storage unit, battery management system (BMS) and prefabricated container. The investment proportion of each unit is as follows:

2 case analysis

taking a 100MW wind farm in Qinghai as an example, equipped with 4mwh energy storage equipment, the investment indicators are as follows:

the project is located in a class IV resource area, and the electricity price including value-added tax during the operation period is calculated at 0.60 yuan/kwh (the electricity price excluding value-added tax is 0.5128 yuan/kwh)

excluding the energy storage project, the normal annual average power on is 201.4386 million kwh. Combined with the regional power transmission situation, the power on is considered as 10% of the power limit, that is, the financial calculation is 181.2947 million kwh, and the annual full generating hours are 1812.95h

after the increase of energy storage including energy storage, under ideal conditions, power rationing will occur 365 times a year. Considering that the energy storage will be charged and discharged once every time the wind is abandoned (the comprehensive conversion efficiency of the energy storage system is 90%), it is estimated that the annual power generation will increase by 1314000 kwh. Since the service life of energy storage equipment is 15 years, the full service hours of the project in the first 15 years are 1826.09h and 1812.95h in the next 5 years

the comparison table of financial indicators is as follows:

from the analysis results, it can be seen that the current form of energy storage is not economical and can not bring more benefits to the wind farm. However, with the progress of technology and the decline of costs, it may effectively alleviate the impact of power rationing at this stage in the future. The current cooperation mode includes the self built energy storage equipment of wind power enterprises, or the self built energy storage equipment of energy storage battery manufacturers, and the wind farm purchases electricity from the energy storage manufacturers. Wind power investment enterprises and energy storage battery manufacturers need to explore more cooperation modes to achieve project profitability

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