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German company introduces new sandwich material

German spheretex company recently launched their latest design product re SBC HT, which can withstand high temperature in the exothermic reaction of polyester and epoxy resin

re SBC HT combined with thermoplastic microspheres is fluffy, with glass fiber non-woven fabric as the matrix. It is used as the sandwich material of sandwich structure, and the laminated plate produced is light and uniform. This material is suitable for the polyester foaming resin of its partner vosschemie, and can be completely prepreg by structural polyester foam resin

in the wet pressing and vacuum supporting process, it can be combined with various reinforced 118 steel fiber concrete manhole covers to produce strong and homogeneous plates with very low strength to weight ratio. The size of the product can be accurately defined, the mold is easy to clean, and the cycle time is very short. Using very small technical equipment, SBC HT can be processed into seamless laminates. Its applications are multifaceted, especially in light industries. If it is not cleaned in time, this kind of fine control over the distribution of ceramic fibers can bring great advantages: every corner, curve and material hole can fully and permanently realize its precise medical functions in the plate, automobile and transportation industries

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