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Continental joined hands with Alibaba and officially settled in 1688 industrial brand station

on April 21, the global top 500 and century old German brand continental contitel Bayer performed strongly? Material technology plans to enter the stock market. Ke has a strong presence in Alibaba's industrial products e-commerce platform 1688 industrial brand station, and officially launched joint marketing in the 1+n mode (1 brand business +n dealer mode). Continental will cooperate with 1688 to further expand sales and service channels and provide more flexible and fast online sales services for local customers

in this opening, Continental ContiTech has assembled three authorized dealers for joint marketing. The first batch of products to be launched include industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, industrial belts and other series products, with a number of more than 350, covering many fields such as engineering machinery, agriculture, energy, equipment engineering, food and beverage. Online stores are equipped with professional technical support consultants, who can provide professional answers to customers at any time, and meet customers' needs in combination with distributors' distribution and other services

Mr. Qi song, President of continental ContiTech China, said that the automatic processing platform of 1688 e-commerce flat tension machine itself is an important step for continental to promote digital marketing in China. Customers can not only find Continental's high-quality products and solutions more easily through the 1688 platform, but also better insight into customer needs and improve and optimize customer experience through Alibaba's extensive channels and big data analysis capabilities. With the rapid growth of e-commerce in China, we hope to accelerate the integration of online and offline resources and use the advantages of online platforms to develop more new customers

the wave of digitalization has swept the traditional industry. In principle, it is only necessary to carry out static tensile tests. The epidemic test has accelerated the development of the industry trend of cloud procurement, and many offline dealers have also gone online to seek new breakthroughs. At present, more than 70% of the top 50 global industrial brands have settled in 1688 industrial brand stations. According to reports, in order to encourage brand owners and dealers to provide high-quality goods and services, 1688 industrial brand station also specially integrates the resources in the station and prepares a major brand entry activity for continental group to attract accurate people in the station and help the brand cold start. Log in to Alibaba (1688) app and search for the opening of continental group to go directly to the opening activities

Lu JIAYE, general manager of 1688 industrial brand station business, said: Welcome leading brands like continental to join hands with dealers in 1688! In the post epidemic era, 1688 caused inaccurate test results. The industrial brand station is committed to helping brand enterprises build a second official, and helping businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency through the construction of commodity digitalization, marketing digitalization and channel digitalization, so as to accurately obtain customers. We hope to cooperate with Continental group to provide more enterprise buyers with high-quality products and services, and stimulate new changes and growth through data-driven

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