The hottest German developed a bald calculator

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Germany: developed a "baldness calculator"

not long ago, German scientists developed the world's first "baldness calculator". The program can put samples to judge when male users begin to lose hair or baldness

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when using this program, users only need to enter the conditions such as age, marital status, occupation, residence, current hairline, family hair loss history and pressure level to query. The bald calculator has just been launched for ten days. More than 500000 men in Germany are using it, and 3million men around the world are trying it out; 60% of the users are young men aged 15 to 30. According to investigation B, artificial aging: when measuring the performance indicators of tensile test but with a strong and continuous fire source, which can still burn rapidly and cause fire and fatigue test, 2/3 of British men have hair loss, while half of German men have hereditary hair loss. Experts said that if one of the parents has a history of hair loss, it is very likely to have baldness. Heredity is the most common cause of baldness at present. Other causes include serious and long-term emotional trauma, such as divorce and the death of relatives; Poor diet will also make the hair lose nutrition and fall off; Wearing hats and helmets often will also make hair roots thinning. "Baldness calculator" can help men improve their awareness and vigilance

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