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The German chemical industry is expected to slow down next year.

klausengel, chairman of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), said on Wednesday that affected by the debt crisis, "the development trend of the German chemical industry next year is generally upward, but the speed is slower than this year." The debt crisis in the United States and Europe is not bottoming out, making businesses and consumers uneasy. The chemical industry is the third largest pillar industry in Germany after the automobile and machinery manufacturing industry, and it is also an important wind vane for Germany's economic boom

"Ernst Siebert repeatedly stressed Engel's expectation that the turnover of the industry will increase next year, bringing confidence to extruder enterprises by 2%, production by 1%, and product prices by 1%. "The industry will not be in a crisis," he explained The orders received by enterprises are still sufficient. Although the market demand for chemical products is small, it can basically stabilize its primary change activities. As for this year's situation, Engel believed that the turnover and production volume would increase significantly, but not as strong as expected. "This year will be another bumper harvest year": the turnover increased by 9% to 186.5 billion euros, breaking the 180billion mark for the first time; Output increased by 4% (previously estimated at 5%); Product price increases by 5%; The number of employees in the industry increased by 2.5% to 425000

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