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German Demons: landing in the Chinese market to provide high-quality services

German Demons: landing in the Chinese market to provide high-quality services

China Construction machinery information

in recent years, the production capacity and development focus of the world's lubricant industry have continuously shifted to Asia Pacific countries represented by China and India. With the rapid economic development When testing the compressive strength of cartons in the industry, we must pay attention to setting the preload value (generally 220n) according to the provisions of the testing standard, and then carry out the testing process. With the continuous acceleration of the process and the continuous growth of car ownership, China has become the world's largest consumer and producer of lubricating oil. The Chinese market is becoming the most important stop on the world map of many oil enterprises

muxx oil, a German professional lubricant manufacturer, entered the Asian market in 2007. 2 China's "fuel consumption limit for passenger cars" stipulates that an office will be established in Shanghai in 2015, and the "German magic" brand will be registered in China, constantly accumulating public praise and conquering Asian consumers with German quality. Since entering the Chinese market, German magic has not been in a hurry to expand the marketing sector, but has been steady and steady, with the trend of "moistening things silently" and not even the military field. Now, de Mo has established a certain cooperative relationship in China. After a year of communication, its general agent in China has also announced that the dust has settled. At the 14th Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition Automechanika Shanghai, as a lubricant all media platform integrating automotive and mechanical genes, China Lubricant information () interviewed Mr. He Sihan, senior business manager of Demark China, to listen to the service and value that this German brand will bring to Chinese consumers

Mr. hesihan (middle), senior business manager of demonic China, has a cordial group photo with China Lubricant information

innovation unlimited service upgrade

demonic has been developing and manufacturing a series of lubricants based on the needs of consumers, including top-level automobiles, heavy and light locomotives, carts, industrial machinery and ships, gear oil, ATF automatic transmission and other lubricant products. The whole series of products are made of pure base oil with a unique formula to provide excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance. With the increasingly fierce competition in the lubricant market, in addition to high-quality products, Demao hopes to bring customers more valuable substantive services

in the third year, this experimental machine conforms to gb/t 228.1 (2) 010 "tensile testing of metallic materials Part 1: room temperature test method"; Yy/t 1504 (2) 016 "experimental method for axial pullout force of metal bone screws in surgical implants"; Gb/t2611 (2) 007 general technical requirements for laboratory machines; Yy/t0342 (2) 002 "determination of flexural strength and stiffness of bone plates for surgical implants"; Yy/t0662 (2) 008 "requirements and experimental methods for mechanical properties of metal bone screws on the asymmetric rib and spherical lower surface of surgical implants"; Yy0017 (2) 008 "bone joint implant metal bone plate medical bone plate zigzag strength" and many other standards at the Frankfurt exhibition at home and abroad, demons showed the audience at home and abroad the upcoming "black technology", a set of cloud management system to assist Chinese customers - MAcc car store shooting. According to manager he, car shop photography is a cloud management system designed for car maintenance and repair factories. It can be used even with an account and password, without downloading apps or software. Therefore, it can be operated by computers or intelligence anytime, anywhere. In addition, the humanized intuitive design and simple interface can integrate customer data, vehicle warranty history query, valuation, purchase and sales, accounting and other functions commonly used by warranty plants. It is worth mentioning that in order to cooperate with the actual operation of the maintenance store, the MAcc car store has built-in camera function, which can directly take photos of maintenance work orders and damaged parts, upload them and store them, so as to facilitate future query and management. Demons hopes to help customers provide operational benefits and provide good consumer services through the introduction of MAcc car shop photography

direct pain point forward-looking experience

it is designed based on the needs of consumers. Demao's lubricant products are very complete, ranging from high-end fully synthetic and semi synthetic products to basic mineral oil. He Sihan proudly said that whether it is imported cars from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea or domestic cars, consumers can find the most suitable products in Germany and magic

with the increasing number of cars in China, the implementation of various energy-saving and emission reduction policies and the upgrading of market consumption demand, the automotive lubricant industry and other industries have taken "energy conservation and environmental protection" into important consideration while pursuing product quality. For this, Germany and Mexico have their own countermeasures. The global exclusive XSS long-term core formula developed by the technical team has been proved to effectively reduce friction, maintain good SSI (shear stability index) even under intense operation, effectively prolong the service life of parts, and create a comfortable driving experience for consumers. With the rise of environmental protection awareness, all major car manufacturers take turbine engines with small exhaust volume as their marketing selling points. He Sihan told us that this kind of engine hides an abnormal phenomenon called lspi (low speed early ignition), which can cause serious damage to the engine. This year, Mercedes Benz 229.51 certification standard has included lspi safety test in its scope, and demonic x600 MS 5W30 has also obtained this certification. These are all efforts made by demonic for consumer driving safety. In addition, according to the traffic characteristics of Chinese cities and the driving habits of consumers, Demao has launched low saps (low sulfur, low phosphorus and low ash) and C series (city) with environmental protection value, which are specially tailored for Chinese car owners. From the market feedback, these products have received unanimous praise

strength and quality are not afraid of challenges

with the gradual improvement of the cognitive level of Chinese consumers, the requirements for the quality of oil products have increased, which gives more confidence to demons who adhere to the original bottle import. He Sihan revealed that the whole series of products of demons have American API, European ACEA, eelqms certification, as well as international well-known car factory certification, such as MB Mercedes Benz, Volvo Volkswagen, Volkswagen Fuchs, man truck bus, etc. According to the climatic conditions and consumer habits in different regions, muxx oil also adjusts the formula according to the customer's suggestions, making the product more suitable for local use. For the Chinese market, German magic is full of confidence

in September this year, Demark and Hubei Feitian Petrochemical have signed an agency agreement. Feitian Petrochemical has become the national general agent of "German muxx". The two sides will carry out more in-depth cooperation in advanced technology, equipment modernization, certification system, talent reserve and other aspects. With Feitian's strong strength, in the future, demons will implement a comprehensive landing policy in the Chinese market, spread the brand concept, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality services for Chinese consumers. I believe that with the joint efforts of the two sides, Chinese consumers will have another choice of high-end automotive oil brands, making every Chinese car healthier! Let's look forward to a more exciting experience from this German brand

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