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German BHS tile line helps Shandong Sanhe Juqi packaging stabilize quality and promote development

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Shandong Sanhe Juqi Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Baoshan comprehensive industrial park, Yeyuan Town, Linqu County, Weifang City. Shandong Sanhe Food Co., Ltd. actively responds to the transformation of national old and new kinetic energy. On the basis of full research and investigation, through transformation and development, A high-end paperboard processing project built in June 2017

the company covers an area of 100 mu, with a total investment of about 210 million. The production of cheloctite adhesive can be used as a single component system. The processing room has introduced the German BHS corrugated board production line, which mainly produces high-grade corrugated board below five floors, and has been rated as a digital workshop by Weifang Bureau of industry and information technology. The tile line has a high degree of automation, which can fully and freely deal with the complex order structure

the production line has an industry-leading control mode, which can collect 9999 kinds of material data in the production process of civil external wall insulation system, and can be distinguished according to seasonal changes; Provide the best material ratio according to the change of ridge type collocation and the physical parameter requirements of the customer. 3. Indication accuracy of experimental force: indication accuracy of 1%;, Realize the optimization of product quality; There are multiple temperature, speed and height monitoring points, and the collected data are transmitted to the computer in the central control room in real time; When materials enter and leave the production area, combined with the remnant calculation function of SP paper receiving machine, automatic code printing function can be realized to realize high-precision material management

at present, shandongsanhe Juqi Packaging Co., Ltd. has basically overcome the difficulties and confusion in the transformation period, and has reached cooperative relations with hundreds of carton packaging enterprises in Weifang region. From exploration to familiarity, and then to the next, let's learn about the standard configuration specialty. Yamato Sanhe Juqi Packaging Co., Ltd. has been in operation for more than two years, which is full of hardships and fruitful

the company has always adhered to the quality concept of "taking safety as the cornerstone, stabilizing quality and promoting development, and determining the universe with speed" and the service concept of "professional, dedicated and attentive". The corrugated board line introduced from Germany produces high-grade paperboard that meets European and American packaging standards. There are more than ten kinds of corrugated type combinations, covering food, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, construction, transportation and many other fields, Provide diversified support for customer selection

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