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German court rejected all patent litigation claims of American smartphone against ZTE

on May 8, for the patent litigation initiated by American patent operation company smartphone Technologies LLC (hereinafter referred to as smartphone) against ZTE in Germany, the German Dusseldorf court ruled that ZTE did not infringe the patent rights of smartphone and rejected all litigation claims of smartphone, Order it to bear all litigation related costs

it is reported that smartphone is a patent operation company in the United States. Many technology companies, including Amazon, apple, at t, Dell, HTC, have been sued by LG, Microsoft, Nokia, rim, etc. if they need to replace the electronic universal experimental machine during the operation process. In December, 2012, smartphone initiated this lawsuit against ZTE, apple, etc. in Germany for smart patents

the team is conducting in-depth research on the mechanism of gel and the factors that affect the water holding capacity and mechanical strength. Shen Jianfeng, the global intellectual property director of ZTE, said: we welcome the decision of the German Dusseldorf court. ZTE respects the reasonable demands of other manufacturers, but ZTE will resolutely fight back against the abuse of patent litigation and protect the interests of customers and the company from interference

ZTE has been taking an open and win-win attitude to seize strategic development opportunities, seeking to solve the intellectual property licensing in the industry by cross granting us the right to dare to promise the quality of experimental machines, package agreements, etc. At present, ZTE has reached a broad consensus with Qualcomm, Siemens, Ericsson, Microsoft, Dolby and other enterprises, and signed dozens of global intellectual property cross licensing agreements

ZTE adheres to continuous technological innovation to continuously create value for customers, and has invested more than 40 billion yuan in the research and development of nearly five products. By the end of 2013, ZTE had more than 52000 patent assets, of which patents have been authorized for more than 16000 years, and the number of LTE basic patents accounted for 13% of the world. ZTE ranked first in the world in PCT applications in 2011 and 2012, and second in the world in 2013

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