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Analysis of the current situation of metal packaging containers (II)

2. The metal container packaging industry is lack of experts and professionals

a considerable number of experts and scholars in developed countries and even Taiwan are engaged in the research of metal packaging, involving fields ranging from packaging contents to can technology, iron printing technology, detection, testing technology, computer, automatic control Modern new technologies such as electronic engineering technology were soon applied to the metal container packaging industry, and formed a set of theories to guide the industry, with a complete set of teaching materials and training system. However, enterprises in the mainland of China are fighting on their own, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs in technology and achieve standardization

for example, in foreign countries, standardized operations are adopted for standard can shapes, stamping dies and can making dies. The same type of dies are common in all can making plants and have strong interchangeability. And there are thousands of kinds of rollers for our small can sealing, one for each enterprise. As a standard tank type, the sealing effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, with the economic development and technological progress, it is particularly necessary to establish a scientific research mechanism for metal containers and improve the level of specialization

3. Slow development speed

China has introduced more than 20 spray can production lines, and the annual output of empty cans has reached hundreds of millions, but most of them are only used to fill detergent, insecticide, butane gas, etc. In fact, in developed countries, the amount of such cans is very large, with dozens or even hundreds of contents. Each family consumes more than a dozen spray cans a year. Because of its wide range of applications and convenient use, it has been prosperous for a long time. However, the development of China's fine chemical industry is slow, and the development production application is seriously divorced. Therefore, the future of spray cans is promising, but the key lies in the development of contents

the slow development speed is also reflected in the packaging technology and equipment. Since the reform and opening up, the packaging industry has made a lot of technology introduction. Almost all the crown cap production lines mentioned above are from sakmi, Italy. The iron printing production lines are mainly from Britain. We have experienced the production of experimental machines for so many years, followed by the equipment from Japan and Germany. The three piece cans are mainly from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. China has also copied the Italian crown cap production line, monochrome iron printing machine and three piece can production line, but some of them failed, and some of them have been made for 20 years without improvement and improvement. In a word, the products are not hard, and there is a big gap with the international level, so they cannot adapt to the quality required by the production enterprises. Therefore, on the one hand, the iron printing can making industry has to engage in technology introduction; On the other hand, due to the lack of scientific research and development and design innovation, the domestic machinery plants supporting light industry have no interest in their products, and the enterprises are facing various crises, which forms a vicious circle in which the domestic light industry machinery industry has insufficient food, and the equipment users have to engage in the introduction

IV. development trend of domestic and foreign markets and industries

1. Current situation of foreign markets

from the current consumption situation of developed countries in the world, the sales volume of the UK can making industry in 1995 was 1.35 billion pounds, which is the largest country in Europe. Among them, beverage cans and spray cans have become the protagonists of metal cans, and the sales volume of beverage cans has increased at an average annual growth rate of 7.8%. Reaching a record 8.9 billion cans; Spray cans have reached a new height of 1.2 billion cans with an annual growth rate of 20%

2. Current situation and prospects of the domestic market

according to the information provided by relevant materials, the annual domestic beverage production has reached more than 100 million tons, the canned food production has reached more than 3 million tons, and the beer production has reached more than 15.6 million tons. Some or most of these products need to be packed in metal containers. China is rich in beverage and food resources, and there are many varieties to be developed. With the improvement of people's living standards, the market potential is still great, and the metal container packaging has to be improved because of it? Will there be a bright future? According to the data in 1995, the per capita share of spray cans in developed countries is about per year, and that in Southeast Asia and Africa is 0 6, only 0.35 per capita per year in China

it can be seen from the above data that the per capita occupancy level of spray cans in China is not only significantly lower than that of developed countries, but also lower than that of generally underdeveloped countries. We believe that with the development of fine chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for the above products will also develop greatly, thus stimulating the development of iron printing can industry. In order to adapt to its development, the tin can industry must improve its product grade and quality, and move closer to the international level

v. ideas and objectives for the development of China's metal container packaging industry

throughout the "Eighth Five Year Plan" and "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, the metal container packaging industry developed rapidly, but it was uneven. Among them, the development of empty cans and steel drums was slow, which was basically slightly higher than the level of the "Seventh Five Year Plan", but the development of iron printing cans was rapid

1. Tin printing can making

the tin printing can making industry is a comprehensive industry, and its products are always developing. Now, it is a collection of iron printing, two-piece cans, three piece cans, spray cans, all kinds of miscellaneous cans, all kinds of bottle caps, small square barrels (2.5 liters, 4 liters), and paint cans (1 liter, 2 liters, 4 liters, 18 liters). According to incomplete statistics, the industry has spent more than 460million US dollars on technology introduction and transformation in recent years, but most of the introduced projects are foreign-funded enterprises. The industry mainly focuses on improving the scientific and technological content of technical equipment and winning with high-grade and high-quality products. The iron printing products have their development advantages due to their difficult operation technology, small investment risk, large market capacity and wide adaptability, but the relative investment is large

2. Steel barrel

in the past, due to blind development, the steel barrel market has been oversupplied. Although China's petrochemical industry has increased, due to the impact of replacing steel products with plastics (mainly medium and small packaging), the demand for steel drums has increased vigorously. Most of the production equipment for processing steel drums are domestic machines, and the product quality needs to be improved. Especially for the appearance design and printing, foreign countries have adopted special printing technology. The steel drum printed has bright color, rich layers, and solid film without falling off. At present, most of the steel drums produced in China are painted, which can not solve the trademark problem well even if there is pollution. Therefore, the relationship between supply and demand has temporarily changed greatly. Improving the internal and external quality of products is the basis for its further development

3. Empty cans of cans

as mentioned earlier, I have about 20 canneries to review and comment on the major events of the testing machine industry in October. Among them, there are about 300 large and medium-sized enterprises, and the rest are township or private enterprises. Good and evil people are mixed, and most of the products are of poor quality. In more than 300 large and medium-sized enterprises, about 50% of them adopt imported equipment, including empty cans and canning production lines, which are basically the products of Krupp in Germany, CagA Anma company, sebrani in Italy and soudronic in Switzerland. In recent years, due to poor domestic sales of cans and blocked exports, most of the Canners have poor benefits, and some manufacturers have succeeded in changing production due to early development. Such as Chengde Lulu Group

judging from the current situation, the metal container packaging industry is still developing. There are three reasons:

1. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pace of work and life is accelerating, eating habits are changing, and the demand for convenience food is increasing. The development of automobile industry has also stimulated the deep processing, diversification and specialization of petrochemical products. The above changes have led to an increase in the demand for metal packaging containers

2. China's beverage industry has developed rapidly. Fruit juice drinks have broad raw materials and great potential for development and application. At present, metal packaging can not fully meet the packaging needs of fruit juice drinks. Most fruit juice packaging is paper aluminum plastic composite packaging. Although paper plastic composite packaging is very popular in China at present, its future is bleak. It has no advantage in environmental protection and resource recovery. The accuracy is limited to 50, so it is a foregone conclusion to replace it with metal packaging

3. The development of China's socialist market economy, global integration and the development of international markets will also promote the development of metal container packaging

because metal packaging containers are based on tinned steel sheet, cold rolled sheet and aluminum plate, the product has a long life cycle, is easy to store, is convenient for long-distance transportation, has strong practicability and good durability, and is an enduring product in the packaging industry. All kinds of cans have their special uses and involve a wide range of industries. However, due to China's economic development level and other reasons, at present, the products of all kinds of cans are lower than the level of developed countries in the world to achieve a relatively ideal matching accuracy. Take beverage cans as an example: Japan produced 16.5 billion beverage cans of all kinds in 1998, of which tinplate cans accounted for 60% and aluminum cans for 40%. This case alone can prove that metal packaging will develop with the development of the national economy. In addition, the vast rural market in China has not yet formed. With the development of economy, the prospect of this market will be very broad

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