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German carbon fiber reinforced composites have their own characteristics

the German fiber composite giant lamilux Heinrich Strunz recently launched a carbon fiber reinforced polyester production technology, called CFRP, at the ITMA exhibition in Barcelona. The width of this new technology sheet is 3.2 meters, and the thickness is 1.0 to 5.0 mm. This kind of CFRP sheet is known as the most "attractive price" product, with high quality but low price. Because it not only has the characteristics of low weight, but also has the characteristics of high stability. The low thermal conductivity of this material makes it the best insulation material, which is especially suitable for the insulation of freezing cars and freezers. Lamiro is gradually becoming an emerging backbone in the production of high-quality composite materials for lightweight structures

lamiro has specially developed a new epoxy resin for this new high-strength composite to ensure the close interconnection between carbon fiber and matrix resin, which determines the excellent tensile strength of this high-performance material. "The matrix resin can absorb external forces and transfer them to high-strength carbon fibers". It is worth comparing with other materials, that is, the surface materials used for the side wall of the car body, For example, "using CFRP as the surface material of the car body can reduce the weight of the car body by 30% to 50% and increase the tensile strength by 3 to 4 times as long as the spring is put into the test panel strength compared with the traditional fiber preparation technology with conventional steel or aluminum or with only slightly improved performance; except for conventional nonwovens, coated fabrics or laminated textiles, general functional fiber product production technology, etc."

its material forms the surface of the sandwich structure as the side wall. "In the production process, a closed gel coat layer is added to the composite material, which is similar to the varnish coating. "The gel coat layer can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the material from ultraviolet rays, ensure the excellent weather resistance of the material and make its surface have superior gloss". In terms of color, they can directly integrate all the colors in ral and NCS color cards, as well as the colors customized according to the special requirements of customers, into the production process of the carbon fiber reinforced materials. Structure and principle of the electronic universal experimental machine of the Lamy Road Jinan gold assay high temperature furnace: the final product provided by the company can be used directly, with extremely stable performance, and is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications

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