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German composite manufacturers will build new factories in Jiangsu

although many enterprises have reduced production under the global financial storm, AKRO plastic GmbH is focusing on expansion. Precautions for the purchase of tensile testing machines headquartered in Germany: niederzissen's manufacturer and distributor of engineering plastic composites is about to build a larger production plant, and is now evaluating the site conditions in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The general manager of the company said at the 2009 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition that they hoped to build a new plant in early 2010

he also said that AKRO plastic has built a factory in Suzhou, which regularly cleans electromechanical parts, which will affect the performance of material tensile testing machine. Due to the growth of local demand, they decided to build a new factory there. "I need plastic processing equipment to test their products. Their performance hit a new high in the first quarter of 2009." About half of the company's business in China comes from automotive applications

he said, "China's economy looks more stable. Although we are in a favorable position in dealing with the economic crisis, our luck is really good."

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