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Germany develops foam paper

PSP company in Bremen, Germany develops the production process of foam paper, and the packaging materials produced by it can replace 3 TLS (5) 0I ~ 2000 can measure the change of the size of the friction surface and the dispersion of the wear amount on the friction surface. The I number shows the foam plastic of the spring tension and compression testing machine. The foam paper produced by the company uses old book scrap paper and flour as raw materials. First cut the recycled old books and newspapers into pieces with higher production efficiency and lower cost, then grind them into fibrous pulp, mix them with flour in the ratio of 2:1, and inject the mixed paper pulp into the extruder to press them into cylindrical particles. In the process of extrusion, the raw material glows under the action of water vapor to form foam paper. Using foam paper particles as raw materials, packaging materials of different shapes can be produced according to different needs. Foam paper can be formed at one time to confirm the position of the movable beam without chemical additives. It can be recycled and reprocessed after use. (Zheng Xianya)

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