The hottest German beer cup is popular in China

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German beer mugs are popular in China

Germany is known for its beer, and the national glass bottle brand ruisenhoff store is mainly engaged in beer mugs. Zhang Daozhen, general manager of its Shanghai Representative Office, Shanghai Yongyi industry and Trade Co., Ltd., said that although the price of Rayson Haff products is not low, it has gradually been recognized by consumers, and the sales volume is heating up

in addition to beer cups, the store also sells Baijiu cups, coffee cups, mugs, milk cups, and other household utensils with abstract patterns, such as seasoning bottles, savings cans, ashtrays, etc. Zhang Daozhen said, "these cups are basically made of glass and ceramics, and their shapes are also common. What they sell is the method and pattern design of measuring annual inspection and calibration testing machine. Now everyone pursues personalized things, so our products must have a market." In addition to the pattern, the packaging box is also a big selling point, on which there is an introduction to the designer

Zhang Daozhen said, "in the peak season of general business, 100 (2) 00mm stretch is enough between September and Valentine's day. At the best time, the total retail sales of our three stores in one day can reach about 10000 yuan, and the customers are generally white-collar workers." It is reported that its customers choose this kind of utensils as gifts to relatives and friends

according to his introduction, there are three ruisenhav Direct stores in Shanghai and more than 50 distributors nationwide. "At the beginning, the sales situation was not very good because there were not many people who knew." However, the current sales situation is gradually improving, "mainly due to our advertising." He said

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