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German Bayer successfully developed light-resistant aliphatic polyurethane TPU products

recently, German Bayer company successfully developed light-resistant aliphatic polyurethane TPU products with product brands of desmopanku, desmopanku, etc. This series of products is a new type of sun resistant TPU based on aliphatic isocyanate, which has a semi crystalline structure. Most of them are made of various colors by injection molding process. (1) check whether the power line connected to the pipe ring stiffness tester is connected to the normal rotation of the lead screw to make up and down moving products. These products have stable elasticity and excellent low-temperature flexibility in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~50 ℃. At the same time, they also have good mechanical properties and tear resistance. It is planned to increase to 160billion yuan in 2017, resilience and wear resistance. Main performance index range: tensile strength 25~34mpa, elongation 830%~890%, elastic modulus 27~30mpa, tear strength 42~75kn/m, abrasion 28mm3, resilience 40%~64%. Even after aging test or several years of use, it can still maintain good performance. It is especially suitable for automotive interior parts, with the characteristics of high quality, high strength and long service life

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