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Bayer plans to cut more than 2000 jobs by 2012

Bayer Group plans to cut more than 2000 jobs by 2012. The company will cut 4500 jobs, about 1700 of which are in Germany, while adding 2500 new jobs, especially in emerging markets

in order to increase the amount of investment, the company will implement a plan to save 800million euros a year in 2013. The company said that half of the saved amount will be used for new product research and marketing, especially in the fields of medicine and health care and crop science, as well as the development of emerging markets. By the end of 2012, the total investment amount of the company may reach 1billion euros, and some investment amounts have been reached in the fourth quarter of this year

Dr. marijndekkers, chairman of the company's management committee, said: "we will reallocate resources, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. At the same time, in order to make Bayer three sub groups (Bayer hydraulic universal laboratory medicine, the successful signing of the project, pharmaceutical health care, Bayer timber science and technology and Bayer Crop Science) In order to achieve better business development, we will maximize the use of existing resources, simplify the seven digit structure of the company's organizational framework, provide continuous financial support for the company's business development and innovation, and expand the installation capacity of the Asian market. Although the implementation of layoffs may encounter difficulties, layoffs are imperative in order to make the company achieve better and faster development. "

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