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On September 29, 2011, the Hangzhou Office of German Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. was officially opened, and the company held a grand opening ceremony in Zhejiang World Trade Junlan hotel. On the same day, Wang Hong, director of the Hangzhou Office of the shihezhou economic and Technological Promotion Center in Germany, Mr. Feng GUI, Secretary General of the Hangzhou automation society, Professor Fang Qiang of the Institute of modern manufacturing engineering of the Department of machinery of Zhejiang University, Yang Shaoyin, an expert of the Zhejiang Provincial Intelligent Committee, and dozens of other guests attended the celebration ceremony. Liang Liqiang, the managing director of biff China, Zhang song, the manager of East China, Bao Chunhua, the regional sales manager of Zhejiang, and the manager and colleagues of the Technology Department of biff China attended the meeting

since the establishment of the first office in China in 2001, Biff has gone through ten years in China. Over the past ten years, the company has always adhered to the core concept of new automation technology, taking making our customers more competitive as its mission to provide users with flexible and reliable system solutions. In order to bring more advanced technologies and innovative products to Chinese users, Beifu has continuously strengthened its investment in China. Today, Beifu company set up an office in Hangzhou, which is another instigation for Beifu to fully enter the Chinese market. The light shows that the important deployment of information retrieval and power supply has been made. It also marks that Beifu headquarters attaches great importance to the coastal industrial town of Hangzhou and the entire Zhejiang market

as one of the most dynamic central cities in the Yangtze River Delta in China, Hangzhou not only has advanced industrial, financial, cultural, transportation and information systems, but also has a strong regional economic radiation capacity. Hangzhou is an important equipment manufacturing base in China. It is vigorously developing modern manufacturing industry and promoting industrial technology upgrading, which provides a broad place for Beifu's products and technologies. Starting from the product and technical characteristics of Beifu, the company will focus on developing OEM machinery supporting and project system integration markets in Hangzhou and Zhejiang, especially in the industries of plastic and packaging machines, printing machinery, robots, new energy equipment, metallurgical complete equipment, heavy machinery, metal processing equipment, measurement and control equipment, textile printing and dyeing machinery and so on

the official operation of Germany Beifu Hangzhou Office will provide a more perfect service and technical support platform for users and partners in Zhejiang region, and also make a positive contribution to the upgrading of industrial technology in this region. For the future development of Hangzhou Office, baochunhua, regional sales manager of Zhejiang, said: we have many opportunities and challenges in Hangzhou and even Zhejiang Province, especially the competition from traditional PLC brands. However, we are confident that with our products leading the new trend of automation and the care and love of the majority of users and industry insiders, we will be able to overcome difficulties, win a place in Zhejiang Province and make our own contribution to promoting the industrial upgrading of the region

on the day of the opening ceremony, Beifu also held an automation technology exchange meeting in the hotel

address of Hangzhou Office: room 816, Jiahua international business center, No. 15, Hangda Road, Hangzhou (310007):

the atmosphere at the meeting was warm

about biff

biff Automation Co., Ltd. - headquartered in Weill, Germany. With branches all over the world and global partners, the company has been operating in more than 60 countries

Bifu always takes the new automation technology based on PC as the development concept of the company. The industrial computers, fieldbus modules, drive products and TwinCAT control software produced by Bifu constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. In the past 30 years, the components and system solutions of Beifu company have been widely used all over the world

since 2001, all our employees have learned from Mr. Yuan. Since the establishment of the Beijing Representative Office in March, the company's business in China has developed rapidly. It has successively established Shanghai Representative Office and Guangzhou Representative Office, and set up liaison offices in Ningbo, Wuhan, Chengdu and Qingdao. In August, 2007, the Shanghai Representative Office officially established biff China after the transformation, and moved the headquarters of biff China to Shanghai. As various new products and technologies with good cost performance continue to enter the Chinese market, its concept of daring to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promoting PC control new technology has been accepted by more and more Chinese users. For more information, please visit Beckhoff Chinese official website

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