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Transcending xenophobia in Ukraine’s courts - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The latest court session regarding the dispute between TIU Canada and companies controlled by the oligarchIndia, Igor Kolomoisky, seemed to give a slight glimmer of hope that a just verdict may just be possible.

According to case watchers, the approach of the court seemed to have changed, taking on an approachJohnson during recent months. But aroun, after a year and a half of litigation in three court jurisdictions, that suggested the seeking of a remedy to this legal conflict.

This was immediately evident by the lead judge who efficiently questioned the lawyers as to the merits of the case, by asking, or rather demanding, what laws were broken when the Kolomoisky controlled companies cut off TIU’s access to the electricity gridabstractVisible, what were the contract breaches, and what recourse was expected by the plaintiffs?

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