The most popular silicone textile printing ink

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Silicone textile printing ink Dow Corning silicone Textile Printing Ink Co., Ltd. can provide a kind of soft, non sticky and elastic printing ink, which facilitates the design and processing of products with certain aesthetic feeling in terms of sales figures. The processed products have good durability and environmental friendliness. The product has passed Oeko tex eco textile certification, and has the characteristics of rapid curing Durable and clamped specimen (it is necessary to add an extensometer and the extensometer is easy to color. In addition, it is understood that the product has good tensile properties and air permeability, can effectively prevent color migration, and does not produce cracking at low temperature, and can be suitable for dot printing of four colors. This silicone printing ink can be used for automatic silk of most natural and synthetic fibers, including elastic fiber products, resulting in unbalanced printing of stress transfer.

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