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The continuous high temperature ignites the enterprising passion of zhanchen people. The scorching sun cannot stop zhanchen paint's concept of "committed to customer success"

the continuous high temperature ignites the enterprising passion of zhanchen people. The scorching sun cannot stop zhanchen paint's concept of "committed to customer success"

from August 8 to August 10, the Training Department of the home service center of zhanchen coating group, the Technology Department of Beijing zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd. and the technical service department of Beijing zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd. joined hands to enter Liaoning Dandong Anmin Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd. for a three-day factory field visit, exchange and professional training, and jointly opened the prelude of the "Anmin product quality month" with Anmin wood industry

Founded in 1988, Dandong Anmin wood industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a medium and large-scale enterprise specializing in the production and sales of wood products, with the ability to design and manufacture all kinds of foreign large, medium and small household wood products, and carry out self-supporting import and export business. The factory covers an area of 52000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 30000 square meters. The annual export supply is 120 million yuan, the profit and tax is more than 10 million yuan, and the foreign exchange is more than 10 million US dollars. At present, there are more than 1200 employees

the preliminary preparations for the factory quality month are in progress in an orderly manner

this exchange training activity, with the theme of "Anmin product quality month", carried out a comprehensive inspection of the factory production line on August 8. The working group from the aspects of white body structure, material processing, paint deployment, material coloring, Grice, primer coating, primer grinding, groove tracing, surface finishing, topcoat coating, process matching, risk prompt, etc, Assist the factory to find out the overall coating problems

through a whole day's field visit to two factories, a total of 13 painting problems to be improved were found. For example, white body materials have stubble collapse, offset printing, uneven phenomenon, sanding marks, corner sanding is not in place, etc. In the management cadre meeting that afternoon, through the pictures taken on site, everyone expressed their views and analyzed the causes of the problems. In the next "Anmin product quality month" activity, the factory will find out specific methods to solve relevant problems according to the actual production situation from the aspects of materials, products, equipment, technology, coating, etc

in order to improve production efficiency and coating quality as soon as possible, training is the highlight of this activity. With the full assistance of the Training Department of the home business service center of zhanchen coating group, according to the actual situation of the factory, we carefully prepared classic training courses for furniture factories, such as "establishing a correct attitude", "precautions for PU coating operation", "UV coating equipment operation and maintenance", "wood coating workshop management", "building a high-performance team"

the key content of the course "establish a correct attitude"

the key content of the course "PU coating operation precautions"

the key content of the course "wood coating workshop management"

the first training of Anmin wood coating online employees and workshop management cadres was about 70 people. The training officially began at 13:30 p.m. on August 9. Teacher Luo Yi taught: "establish a correct attitude" and "PU coating operation precautions"; Manager Liu Chuanhai lectured on the operation and maintenance of UV coating equipment

teacher Luo Yi of the group's home business service center gave a lecture

manager Liu Chuanhai of Beijing zhanchen uv/water project gave a lecture

in the nearly four hour training, the lecturer's humorous and interactive teaching method made the students on the training site actively participate in the interaction, and improved everyone's painting operation skills through learning on the premise of cultivating good intentions. During the training, the two teachers conducted in-depth analysis on the detailed problems existing in each link of painting and explained the solutions to each problem in detail

the second training officially began at 09:00 a.m. on August 10, with about 30 factory management cadres and coating line supervisors participating. The training contents are: wood coating workshop management and building a high-performance team

at the teaching site of teacher Luo Yi of the group's home business service center

during the more than two-hour training, teacher Luo Yi put forward his original views on the management of personnel in the coating workshop through mentality adjustment, money, human nature, system, team building and other aspects. In terms of workshop management, specific cases are cited for in-depth analysis of visual management and Kanban management. Building a high-performance team is an urgent problem to be solved in all factories at present. The lecturer mainly explained from the following aspects: consistent goals, knowing and using people well, complementary skills, setting an example, team motivation, building mutual trust, system construction, team cooperation, etc. for management cadres, these two trainings have yielded a lot

group photo of Dandong Anmin training

the exchange and training activities of Anmin wood industry have benefited zhanchen and Anmin wood industry a lot. The three-day exchange and training activities open a chapter for Anmin wood product quality month. The exchange group composed of teacher Luo of the training department, technical director Luo Gong, manager Li of the service department and manager Liu of UV water-based project had in-depth exchanges with the heads and employees of each coating production line of Anmin wood industry, formulated solutions to various problems, and was highly praised by the leaders of Anmin wood industry. Beijing zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd. will fully assist Anmin wood in the later rectification and related follow-up work

commitment to customer success reflects not only providing customers with high-quality products and services, but also helping customers solve various problems in the development process, so as to achieve the goal of common development. Zhanchen people will be down-to-earth and work together with customers to create brilliance

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