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Carry a bag to check in and buy a house, and send fine decoration. These beautiful and tempting advertising words make many buyers give up the transfer of rough houses and choose the fine decoration houses that can save time and money. When they check in, many buyers find that they have fallen into the beautiful trap of fine decoration. Good brand fine decoration, in the end, is the developer's promise of beauty or as a spring of sales price. Today, Xiaobian will reveal the beauty trap of high priced hardbound houses

"I want to have a home, a place that doesn't need much". Buying a house is the top priority for many people in their lives, but how many people can see through some of the pitfalls in the sales process. An insider revealed to us that the 3000 standard decoration cost of a hardbound house may only cost fourorfive yuan. In recent years, we have seen the exposure of quality problems of hardbound houses from many multimedia, such as excessive formaldehyde on the floor, uneven doors and windows, inferior sanitary ware in the bathroom, etc

today, we will take the inside story behind the hardbound house as a revealing point to uncover some unknown and revealing news layer by layer, and expose such news to the public to warn consumers to avoid the so-called beauty trap behind the hardbound house

two days ago, Mr. Liu in Beijing was looking at the real estate in Daxing. The salesperson, the sales lady, said how good our standard is. The standard is 5000 yuan per square meter. Mr. Liu can't help asking about an ordinary project in the middle and low end. The house price is only 18000 yuan per square meter, and the standard of compact houses is 5000 yuan per square meter. He thinks this thing is not very reliable. Many people have experienced this kind of situation like Mr. Liu. When many people buy a house, the salesperson will say that the project adopts the hardcover standard of 2000 or 3000 per square meter, using this way as a gimmick. In this regard, Bao Hua believes that:

Bao Hua: good hardcover is really valuable, because first of all, there must be good design. In fact, the value of many house designs is often reflected in your vision or desire for him. Of course, good design can really help the house improve its intrinsic value; Second, good materials; The third good job

in these three aspects, if it is done well, it is indeed valuable, but we see that the price of the real object does not represent its quality. If it is really serious to achieve 2000 or 3000 per square meter, it should be said that the house will be installed well. If you just tell me that the standard is 2000 yuan, but the quality does not reach such a state, there may be a huge psychological gap as an ordinary consumer

according to the reporter's investigation, for the hardbound houses in the real estate market, the decoration standard of several thousand yuan per square meter can be reached. The reporter specially visited a well-known home decoration company in Beijing. A person in charge repeatedly asked for anonymity. Never expose my identity, my name, and I can tell you the basic data. Later, he gave the benchmark data of the cost of hardbound houses. The price of fine decoration revealed by real estate developers generally accounts for only about 1/5 of the cost. In some projects that Beijing cooperates with developers, the total cost of a square meter is about more than 300 yuan, less than 400 yuan. It is good if the real cost of a general project can reach 1000 yuan per square meter. Why is the house price of fine decoration so high and there is so much water. Lawyer Zhang Xinyan believes that:

Zhang Xinyan: even if it is not done by itself, developers go to home improvement companies to do it. The high profits must belong to developers, and home improvement companies basically won't have too high profits. There have been too many rights protection disputes in commercial housing sales over the years. As lawyers, we conclude that developers will maximize their own interests by using various ways that you can't imagine or avoid, and it will always be consumers who pay

it may often be given in some contracts. For example, choosing a brand of faucet will be clearly marked in it, followed by a bracket that says "or the same grade". "Or the same level" but no specific name or brand is given. Many people wonder whether the words "or the same level" are for their developers to leave a way for themselves. The specially developed term is another trap to deceive consumers




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