How to choose PPR pipes for home decoration

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The fury of home decoration has promoted the prosperity of the building materials market. PPR pipes are the water pipe materials used in every home decoration. In today's building materials market, PPR pipes have a wide variety of brands and fierce competition

light steel keel has ceiling keel and partition keel according to its purpose, and V-shaped, C-shaped, T-shaped and L-shaped keel according to the section form

(1) product specification series partition keel main specifications are divided into Q50, Q75 and Q100. The main specifications of ceiling keel are D38, D45, D50 and D60

(2) product marking method the marking sequence of light steel keel is: product name, code, width and height of section shape, steel plate thickness and standard number. If the section shape is “ C” The ceiling keel with a width of 50mm, a height of 15mm and a steel plate thickness of 1.smm is marked as: light steel keel for building DC 50 Xis xi.sgbllg sl

(3) appearance quality

the light steel keel should be flat in shape, clear in edges and corners, and the incision should not have burrs and deformation that affect the use. The galvanized coating shall be free of defects such as peeling, bumping and falling off. For corrosion, damage, black spots and pockmarks? Defects, when tested according to the specified method, shall comply with the provisions of table 2-81

during the appearance quality inspection, the visual inspection should be carried out under the bright light at the place 0.5m away from the product

the surface of light steel keel should be galvanized and rustproof, and its double-sided galvanizing amount: superior products should not be less than 120g/m*m, first-class products should not be less than 100g/m*m, and qualified products should not be less than 80g/m*m




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