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Recently, a kind of "green" paper product in line with today's world environmental protection trend - vision health care offset books and periodicals such as silicone paper, has been successfully developed in Liujiang paper mill, Guangxi

this paper product is developed by relevant scientific research institutions and the Papermaking Research Institute of the factory on the basis of "yinou" brand 52g/M2 offset book and journal paper, which is the main raw material of the factory and won the title of Guangxi famous brand product. It is made by improving the slurry ratio and adding chemical additives. The paper makes full use of the physical optics principle. The paper has soft and fine color, strong tensile force, quantitative stability and good ink absorption. It can be made into various soft colors such as blue, beige and light red according to the different needs of users and printing. It is especially suitable for printing primary and secondary school textbooks, exercise books, notebooks and children's books. It makes people feel comfortable when reading, and will not be dazzling because of the high whiteness of the paper. It plays a great role in protecting the eyesight of primary and secondary school students, reducing the fatigue of reading for a long time, and preventing myopia

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