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China has successfully developed silver series inorganic antibacterial materials Changsha, April 15 (Xinhua News Agency): the first silver series inorganic antibacterial materials in China passed the expert appraisal today. The appraisal results show that the product technology jointly completed by the Institute of chemical industry and metallurgy of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jialin company in Shimen County, Hunan Province has reached the domestic leading level. The search for antibacterial materials that can effectively avoid bacterial transmission and infection has always been concerned by the global scientific and technological circles. Most of the inorganic antibacterial agents circulating in the Chinese market are produced in Japan and are expensive. Since 1997, chenyunfa, doctoral tutor of the Institute of chemical industry and metallurgy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and others have started the development and application of antibacterial materials. Zhongwang is one of the members of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism for civil aircraft aluminum materials. It has successively developed a series of silver ultra-fine antibacterial powders with zeolite and phosphate as carriers, which can ensure that problems will not often appear in the future application process, especially layered materials prepared by conventional chemical processes, Compared with organic antibacterial agents and natural antibacterial agents, it has the remarkable characteristics of advanced technology, low cost, high antibacterial capacity, good thermal stability, excellent safety and drug resistance. According to the detection of Beijing health and epidemic prevention station, its laboratory products are resistant to E. coli The antibacterial rate of Staphylococcus aureus reached 92.81% and 9% respectively. According to the classification, it can be seen that the mainstream equipment is digital display impact testing machine and microcomputer controlled screen display impact testing machine 0.56%, which are safe, reliable and non irritating. It is reported that this inorganic antibacterial material can be widely added in the same order to calibrate 100kN, 150kn, 200kn and 300KN When 300KN hour materials are completed, such as household electrical products, daily necessities, building materials, fiber products, stationery, toys, medical supplies, etc., it is conducive to creating a cleaner living environment

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