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As an expert in the field of carbon fiber, Sigri group, the world's leading manufacturer of carbon fiber and related products, introduced new products such as carbon fiber materials to media from all walks of life in the German Center of Pudong, Shanghai, and demonstrated on the spot that they can be applied to lightweight structures. Laying the foundation for China to lead the development of international graphene industry

the quality of carbon fiber composite is about 25% of that of steel, and its strength is 10 times that of steel. It can save 30% of fuel when used in automobile manufacturing. At present, the production of automobile steel materials accounts for about 3/4 of the mass of the car body, while the new materials in the "carbon fiber automobile" can almost completely replace the steel materials, and the mass of the "carbon fiber automobile" can be reduced by up to 40%. The carbon fiber reinforced plastic produced by Sigri group is used in the "racing car safety structure and support structure". The main reason for the carbon ceramic brake is that it must provide sufficient and uninterrupted cooling water to increase the lap speed by 0.1 seconds

the use of carbon fiber composites can reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions on the premise of ensuring vehicle strength and safety. Megac, a zero emission city model specially designed by BMW Group for global metropolises, effectively ensures the product quality and quality. It will be launched in 2013. Its body is made of carbon fiber composite materials produced by Sigri group. The two sides established a joint venture in 2009. Sigri group provided carbon fiber and carbon fiber fabric for this model, which became a milestone in the large-scale use of carbon fiber as production material in the automotive industry

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