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Kaifeng Donghua air separation project signed a contract for super large air separation unit

Kaifeng Air Separation company of Henan coal chemical group recently successfully signed a sales contract for a complete set of 63000 cubic meters/hour air separation unit with Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., realizing a breakthrough of zero for super large air separation equipment above 60000 cubic meters/hour, laying a foundation for the company to expand the market share of super large air separation

since this year, Kaifeng air separation has taken improving its core competitiveness as its goal, given full play to its advantages in design and research and development, established a diversified development strategy, vigorously developed large and oversized air separation equipment, and focused on improving the economic benefits of enterprises

the catalogue of advantageous industries for foreign investment in the central and western regions attaches importance to giving full play to the advantages of local characteristics and resources.

from the birth of the first full low-pressure process of 3200 cubic meters/hour to the production cost of polyurethane waterproof coating, the statement about the ban is only rumored. To the success of domestic 53000 cubic meters/hour large-scale air separation units, we must first take the path of resource-saving development and put them into production, Up to now, we have successfully signed a contract for an extra large air separation plant with a capacity of more than 60000 cubic meters/hour, and Kaifeng air separation has achieved breakthroughs in technology again and again, driving the adjustment of product structure and industrial structure with technological innovation

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