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Kaisheng heavy engineering Dongping: innovation promotes the sustainable, harmonious and rapid development of the enterprise

during his tenure, Cheng Dongping took the scientific concept of development as the guidance, United and led the staff, insisted on deepening reform, paid attention to scientific and technological innovation, strengthened management, and vigorously explored the market. The scale of the enterprise expanded year by year, and the economic benefits increased year by year. The company has always maintained a stable development trend and good development momentum. Since taking office as general manager, Cheng Dongping has led all employees of the company to overcome various difficulties, expand the market and realize the sustainable and stable development of production and operation with the sense of being prepared for danger in times of peace and never being satisfied, the planning ability of being good at responding to changes and thinking ahead, and the practical action of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence; Internal management, vigorously promote institutional innovation, management innovation, scientific and technological innovation, implement the policies and indicators of the board of directors, and make outstanding contributions to the sustainable, harmonious and rapid development of the company

Cheng Dongping

I. diligence and pragmatism have made new breakthroughs in production and operation performance year after year.

during his tenure, Cheng Dongping took the scientific concept of development as the guidance, United and led the majority of employees, insisted on deepening reform, paid attention to scientific and technological innovation, strengthened operation and management, and vigorously explored the market. The scale of the enterprise has expanded year by year, and the economic benefits have increased year after year. The company has maintained a stable development trend and good development momentum. By the end of 2010, the company had achieved a sales revenue of 330million yuan, an increase of 41% over the same period last year; The net profit was 18million yuan, an increase of 15% over the same period last year. In 2010, the company was awarded the titles of Anhui industry university research joint demonstration enterprise and Anhui manufacturing information demonstration enterprise. The cantilever roadheader was awarded Anhui famous brand product, Hengtong trademark was awarded Anhui famous trademark, and 19 products such as roadheader, belt conveyor and winch produced by the company were awarded national patents

Second, strengthen technological innovation and create a platform for scientific and Technological Development

Comrade Cheng Dongping adheres to the road of rejuvenating enterprises through science and technology, pays attention to talent training, pays attention to new product development, and relies on scientific and technological progress to promote the rapid development of the company. Since this year, 52 employees have been recruited to replace some imported products from abroad; Meet the functional protection requirements of heat, biochemistry, static electricity, radiation, etc; The performance of high temperature filtration and water filtration products meets the requirements of various utilization fields; Geotechnical materials meet the construction requirements of complex geological environment, and college graduates are enriched into the technical team. And take the R & D center as the platform, establish cooperative relations with relevant colleges and universities and scientific research departments, vigorously promote technological progress, and realize the diversification and serialization of products. This year, we have completed the design and development of new products such as ebz120c, ebz132, ebz200 roadheader and JD-5.5 dispatching winch. After being recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center by the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, the company was approved by the Provincial Department of science and technology as Anhui coal mine tunneling and transportation equipment work technology research center this year. The company's leading product e better promotes enterprise exchange and cooperation. The bz255 roadheader won the first prize of the science and technology progress award of China National Building Materials Group, and the self moving unloading device of the retractable belt conveyor won the second prize of the Zhonglian cement cup technology award of China National Building Materials Group. Jhmb-28 slow winch won the encouragement Award for scientific and technological progress of China Building Materials Group, and the core competitiveness of the enterprise has been continuously enhanced

third, adjust the business strategy and make new achievements in market development

in order to speed up the development of the enterprise, comrade chengdongping actively adjusted the business strategy of the enterprise and increased market development. While constantly consolidating the existing main market areas, Shanxi market development department was established to refine the market in the northwest region. At the same time, personnel who understand technology and are good at business were added to the marketing team, and efforts were made to strengthen the development of new markets. Carefully prepare, carefully organize and plan every bidding work; Take the methods of technical exchange with customers and training operators for users to widely solicit customers' opinions on products and services, and improve work in a timely manner; Organize to participate in coal exhibitions in Taiyuan, Xinjiang and Huaibei, and increase the publicity and promotion of products; Strengthen the training of marketing personnel and constantly improve their professional quality; According to the changes of market situation, the marketing policy was adjusted in time, which mobilized the enthusiasm of marketing personnel; Strengthen after-sales service, open up green channels, improve rapid response ability, increase the supply and production of accessories, and solve problems for users in time. Through the above efforts and a series of measures, the order volume of the original key market areas, especially Huainan area, has nearly doubled over the previous year; In the southwest and southeast regions, such as Yunnan Weixin, Guangdong hydropower, Jiangxi Fengcheng, the Central Plains regions such as Henan Shenhuo and Xinzheng, and the northwest regions such as Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang, Gansu Yaojie, Pingliang, Xinjiang coking coal and other new markets continue to open up, and the order volume has increased significantly compared with the previous year, especially the steel structure production line of non coal products glass furnace. Last year, the company contracted ten production line projects, becoming another leading product of the company, The market coverage of coal machinery and non coal machinery products was further expanded. Last year, the newly signed contract amount of the company was 449.04 million yuan, plus the total amount of orders carried forward from the previous year reached 476.8 million yuan, an increase of 58.9% over the same period of the previous year. The recovered funds were 307.17 million yuan, an increase of 37.7% over the same period of the previous year. There was a major breakthrough in business work

Fourth, innovate the management mechanism and constantly strengthen scientific management

in enterprise management, Comrade Cheng Dongping made bold breakthroughs, dared to innovate, constantly strengthened scientific management, and established and improved a relatively complete set of company action system. First, improve quality management capabilities. In the environment of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, we should first focus on product quality. On the basis of conscientiously implementing the ISO9000 quality management system, we should actively carry out activities such as quality month and quality exposure platform, strengthen the control of key and special processes of products, eliminate the occurrence of major safety accidents, create a quality management atmosphere, enhance the quality awareness of all employees, and improve the social training and market competitiveness of enterprises. The second is to improve the ability of market development. The marketing policy has been strongly adjusted and the marketing team has been vigorously rectified. Incentive mechanism, market segmentation, accurate positioning, the use of a variety of business methods, do everything possible to expand business areas, expand market share, and achieve a steady increase in market share. It has successively entered Xinjiang, Henan and other markets, and Guangdong hydropower non coal machinery market, achieving a double breakthrough in sales revenue and order contract amount. Third, improve the ability of cost management. Strengthen cost control and assessment, take cost management as a breakthrough, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase through internal potential tapping. On the basis of cost assessment, strengthen the control, tracking and analysis of the cost formation process, and reduce costs through energy conservation and consumption reduction and process improvement; By strengthening the procurement management of raw materials, adopting the method of public bidding with comparison of quality and price, reducing costs, exploring the management mode of production units, comprehensively implementing internal contracting, strengthening management, and increasing production and income, since this year, with the output value increasing by more than 40% year-on-year, the comprehensive energy consumption has decreased by 15.9% year-on-year, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of the company's economic operation, Achieved a historic leap

v. constantly strive for excellence and give play to the political guarantee role of Party building

Comrade chengdongping attaches great importance to the ideological and political guarantee role of Party building, takes promoting development, serving the overall situation, uniting the people and promoting harmony as the guiding principle, vigorously carries out the construction of four good teams, and takes the activities of five good party branches and five leading Party members to strive for excellence as the starting point to carry out party building work in a solid and effective manner. By establishing and improving the systems of Party members' learning, contacting the masses and inner-party democracy, a long-term mechanism for Party members to receive regular education and maintain their progressiveness will be established. Through the organization of learning from the national model worker Peng Shou and from the pioneers such as Comrade Shen Hao, we continue to enrich the new content of the activity of striving for excellence. Focusing on the main line of production and operation, we have organized and carried out activities with enterprise characteristics, such as the second quarter of the World War II, the realization of double half labor competition, and striving to be the vanguard of Party members and the top ten monthly evaluation. In order to improve the soft power of the company's corporate culture and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, benefit 7. After the inspection, the power supply should be cut off in time. Public media, stations, Kaisheng heavy industry news, blackboard newspapers and other forms should be used to actively publicize the development achievements and policy guidance of the enterprise. The labor union and the Communist Youth League have successively organized model figures to visit the Shanghai WorldExpo and organized employees to participate in various cultural and sports activities, which has inspired the morale of employees, cultivated their sentiment, and achieved new results in the construction of corporate culture. In order to ensure the realization of various tasks and objectives of the company, it has played a strong ideological and organizational guarantee role

facing the achievements made in recent years, Comrade Cheng Dongping said that today's achievements of the enterprise are the result of the cohesion, solidarity and hard work of Kaisheng heavy industry employees, and he just did his best in his own position and became a force to promote Kaisheng heavy industry to achieve a leap forward. Facing the opening year of the 12th Five Year Plan, under the leadership of Comrade chengdongping, Kaisheng heavy industry is standing at a new starting point and marching towards a first-class enterprise. (written by Sun Wei in April, 2012)

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