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Kaisheng Technology: 3D glass will become the future 2

at present, Samsung GA, such as reducing the resource consumption of coating process and establishing a safe chemical management system, laxys7 and Xiaomi 5, have taken the lead in using 3D glass display and 3D glass back cover. Recently, iPhone shell has been supplied. In order to facilitate repairers, Kecheng technology confirmed the rumors that the new iPhone will use glass shell. 3D glass has soared in popularity and become a new material star in the electronic product market. It is light, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare, hard, scratch resistant and other advantages. It can increase the arc edge external control function and bring a unique touch feel. It is widely used in smart, smart flat panel, smart TV and wearable products. Relevant products have emerged in the market in large quantities. With the improvement of 3D glass yield and industrial penetration, it will lead the innovation direction of consumer electronics appearance in the future

keyvia technology believes that the glass industry chain will usher in an upward turning point similar to the previous wave of metal casing industry, which will be an important opportunity for the next wave of technological innovation in the future

1。 The rise of non-metallic materials: with the advent of new transmission modes such as wireless charging and 5g, the wireless frequency band is becoming more and more complex, and the shielding of metal casings has become a major bottleneck. It is difficult to achieve LDS process on traditional metal casings, and non-metallic materials will usher in significant growth

2。 Glass is the most likely material to be used first among non-metallic materials at present because of its material, handle and processing difficulty

3。 Furthermore, due to the flexible AMOLED application and the innovation of display materials, it will get rid of the rigid straight shape, and 3D glass will breed major industry opportunities

3d glass still has a supply bottleneck, and research and development experience is very important! Industry chain research shows that the unit price of 3D glass is 2. More than 3 times of 5D, mainly due to the low yield caused by complex processing technology. At present, there is still a certain supply bottleneck in the industry. The processing of glass materials is not difficult, and the contradiction between supply and demand can be alleviated through technological improvement. Especially for companies with rich experience in glass research and development, the first mover advantage will help the company fully benefit from the outbreak of the industry

Kaisheng technology is backed by Bengbu Glass Research Institute and has a deep accumulation of technology. Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute is the leading major shareholder of the company, holding 34% of the company in total. With 6% equity, the company is an emerging technology enterprise integrating high-quality new materials and new glass under China building materials. Last year, the company began to invest 2. 5D glass, successfully achieved in one year 2. 5D glass is mass produced, and the yield climbing speed is better than that of peer giants, which fully verifies the potential of the company

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