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Kaifeng instruments strives to realize the localization of flow instruments in the field of nuclear power

the economic development of Kaifeng depends on the support of enterprises. As a large enterprise in the automation instrument industry, Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. increasingly feels endowed by the state and society. The company will set up a technology center, improve the remuneration of scientific and technological personnel, increase incentives for scientific and technological research projects and scientific and technological achievements, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, configure advanced experimental equipment, improve the training mechanism of technical personnel, carry out extensive cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, and strengthen the construction of independent innovation ability. In recent years, Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. has completed more than 10 scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, invented four practical patents, and another four patents that are beneficial to the high-speed experiments of non-metallic materials (rubber, etc.) are in the acceptance stage. Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. now has the provincial enterprise technology center recognized by Henan Province and Kaifeng Shiliu Zhejiang Jingcheng Mold Machinery Co., Ltd. recognized by the municipal level. It is the first instrument engineering technology research center of flat die fluid visualization intelligent system (referred to as micro interactive system) and has been successfully shortlisted as "51 equipment manufacturing enterprises to be cultivated in Henan Province"

As the R & D and production base of flow instruments in the industry, Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. is now cooperating with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. to develop a high range metal tube rotameter with independent intellectual property rights that can be used in nuclear power plants, and successfully applied for a patent. It has broken the instrument used in nuclear power plants, but it is more and more widely used in automotive plastics, aerospace plastics, biomedical plastics and plastics for electronic components. It must be imported from abroad, making Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. in the forefront of domestic nuclear power key instrument localization enterprises. At present, more than 80% of the nuclear power plants under construction in China use the products of Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. At present, the company has participated in the localization research and development project of nuclear power instruments presided over by the national energy administration, and will realize the national production of flow instruments in the field of nuclear power within two to three years, with a bright future for the development of the enterprise

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