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Military packaging and logistics (Part 2)

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military materials are scientifically and effectively packed, especially the size of the package is appropriate, shape 12 Data sampling frequency: 100 times/s into various specifications and forms such as single piece, multiple piece combination and matching, which is convenient for users to carry, save and use, so that users can use them correctly. Therefore, the force (such as: plastic film, fiber, and other samples of the fixture clamping surface,) ③ Generally, the packaging of high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel is also conducive to winning time in wartime and achieving significant military benefits


military materials should meet the needs of modern war, and their packaging should also meet the environmental requirements of each battlefield, which requires that military packaging should also have the requirements of not being discovered by the enemy and avoiding various reconnaissance means of the enemy. Therefore, modern war requires the camouflage of military materials to confuse or even interfere with the detection of the enemy, so as to effectively ensure the supply of troops


scientific and reasonable packaging of military materials can reduce the costs of some links in the process of military logistics, reduce the total cost of military logistics, achieve the purpose of economic rationality and improve military economic benefits

in order to carry out a preliminary experiment on the scientific and reasonable packaging of military materials in progress, we must choose reasonable packaging materials. As military packaging requires to strengthen its protective performance, the selection of packaging materials should be adapted to various harsh environments and service conditions, such as preventing the effects of various static stresses such as heap pressure, humidity, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide For the role of corrosive media such as hydrogen sulfide, we must select high-performance cushioning materials, packaging containers with sufficient strength, and various high-performance barrier packaging materials to implement military packaging. Only in this way can we meet the requirements of military logistics

history and practice have proved that due to the poor packaging of military materials and equipment, there are many examples of heavy losses or delaying fighters by adhering to coordination and planning to develop the comprehensive resource market and regional advantages. For example, during World War II, a number of military supplies and weapons and equipment were rusted, deteriorated and scrapped on the way from the United States to the European battlefield, which not only caused heavy losses, but also greatly affected the logistical support work; Another example is that during the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam, hundreds of tons of ammunition stored in a certain position failed in only one week, which had a great impact on the battle plan at that time. During the Gulf War, a large number of military materials and weapons and equipment transported by the US military from the air and sea to Iraq had only a very low damage rate and scrap rate. The successful logistics support of the US Army played a positive role in promoting the victory of the war. This is the result of the U.S. military's summing up lessons since World War II, vigorously carrying out military packaging research and continuously improving military packaging technology

packaging is an external and significant sign of the development of human society. The application of packaging to the military was during World War II. Since World War II, the U.S. military has carried out extensive research on the packaging of military materials, forming a complete military packaging system

military material packaging plays an important role in the integrity and reliability of material storage, the scientization of material management, and the rapid response ability of material receiving and dispatching. First, military packaging has fundamentally improved the protection ability of military material packaging and reduced the requirements for the logistics environment. Although the cost of primary packaging has increased, a series of costs in the whole process of military logistics have been greatly reduced or no expenses have been incurred, such as handling costs, warehouse building reconstruction costs, maintenance costs, secondary packaging costs, equipment purchase costs for environmental control, etc; Second, the use of military packaging has saved a lot of human, material and financial resources, and produced great economic benefits; Third, it ensures the integrity and reliability of military materials and equipment storage. Military equipment is a long process from production to putting into use, and intermediate packaging protection plays an important role. Fourth, military packaging can be transported through various means of transportation, which is not only suitable for mechanized loading and unloading transportation, but also suitable for manual lifting, which is conducive to the realization of high mobility and rapid response of troops in wartime, and has significant military benefits

throughout the world's military powers, countries have recognized the importance of military packaging, and the investment in the field of military materials and equipment is also gradually increasing, resulting in more and more obvious economic and military benefits. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity, be determined to reform, pay close attention to the trends of foreign forces, make full use of the existing conditions, vigorously develop military packaging, and promote the modernization of our military equipment

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