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Dairy sales packaging market objectives and solutions (I)

normal> as an intermediate industry, the packaging industry is connected with the manufacturer on one side and the consumer on the other. It should not only serve the manufacturer's products, but also be dutiful to the consumer (transfer the quality and quantity of qualified products to the hands of consumers for consumption). For this reason, the packaging technology has the same characteristics as the packaging itself, so that the packaging can adapt to the protection requirements of products and realize the protection of its value in various transfers. With the upgrading of dairy products, matching packaging has emerged. The emergence of many new products benefits from the innovation of packaging. For example, the change of users' demand for products starts from the appearance, structure, color, protective characteristics, ease of use and so on

normal and the speed control is not accurate> from the perspective of the driving force of dairy enterprises' choice of packaging: the differences in milk prices in different regions, the driving force of manufacturers seeking their own development, the construction of domestic cold chain, and consumers' consumption habits of milk are constantly changing over time, which has a lot of influence on promoting the development of dairy packaging, whether dairy enterprises or packaging enterprises, The above four factors should be considered. Paying attention to and carefully analyzing these points can provide an objective basis for the product positioning of enterprises

normal> what is carton sales packaging and how dairy enterprises apply sales packaging

normal> in the development process of packaging, according to its role in circulation, it can be naturally divided into two categories: transportation packaging and sales packaging. Transportation packaging refers to the packaging form of larger units used for safe transportation and protection of goods, also known as outer packaging or large packaging; Sales packaging refers to the form of packaging in which a commodity is a sales unit, or a small overall packaging composed of several individual commodities, also known as packaging or small packaging. Both transportation packaging and sales packaging have four main functions: protection, accommodation, convenience and promotion

normal> milk packaging refers to the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary ribs used according to certain technical methods to protect commodities, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the circulation of milk; It also refers to the operation activities of applying certain technical methods in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials to achieve the above purpose. This modern commodity packaging concept reflects the merchantability, means and production activity of dairy packaging. Milk packaging is a special commodity in social life, which has value and use value; At the same time, it is also an important means to realize the value and use value of interior goods

normal> production and design principle of carton sales packaging

normal> in the circulation process of commodities or dairy products, they need to be handled and turned over many times through storage, transportation, wholesale and retail, while the sales packaging of cartons provides convenience and consideration for shelf display effect and family use. Carton sales packaging can be classified according to its purpose, function, form, mode, etc. for example, milk sales packaging can be divided into soft milk packaging; Tetra Pak pillows, Baili bags; Semi hard packaging: Tetra Pak bricks, roof packs; Yogurt hard packaging: glass, plastic cup, etc

normal> the production of carton sales packaging is to integrate the milk products and then enter the following design tension: entering the field of commodity circulation, it can generally be divided into three stages: the early stage (including the manufacturing and supply of packaging materials and containers that need to bear 4000 vehicles); Main work stages (including processing, molding, metering, labeling, sorting, etc.); Later stage (including stacking, storage, transportation, marketing, etc.). The selection of packaging technology should comply with relevant packaging standards, relevant standards (including international, national, local or enterprise) and relevant regulations, such as health law, trademark law, etc

normal> the typical sales packaging carton structure has used a computer-aided design (CAD) system. Just input the box size (length, width, height) and cardboard thickness, you can immediately display or print the box sheet structure drawing, and output the die cutting layout drawing, printing outline drawing and backing processing drawing

normal> production process of milk packaging box:

normal> carton (structure, decoration) design → plate making (PS board, gravure cylinder, flexo, silk screen, etc.) → printing (offset, gravure, flexo, silk screen) → surface finishing (polishing, film covering, the so-called external type is that ad board is stuck outside the microcomputer, hot stamping) → die cutting indentation (with embossing, rolling line, close) → folding adhesive box (nail box)

normal> in addition to the usual functions, the milk packaging box also needs to meet some additional requirements:

normal> nthe packaging should contain enough information to make it easy for consumers to identify milk products

normal>n the dairy brand on the package should be eye-catching to meet the interests of the seller

normal>n in order to facilitate distribution, we should enhance the packaging strength and traceability (such as printing special bar codes and codes on the packaging) and reduce the packaging volume

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